The Khrunichev center has requested dofinansirovaniya worth more than 30 billion rubles

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator in photobacteria bills. Archival photoThe Khrunichev center has requested dofinansirovaniya worth more than 30 billion rubles© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator the image Bank

Space Center Khrunichev requested additional funding of more than $ 30 billion for rehabilitation, confirmed the head of the company Alexey Morocco.

«For anybody not a secret that the enterprise has a large loan portfolio. Only the loan servicing takes 4.5 billion rubles per year. At the time, the Khrunichev Center to support the enterprise «the proton-PM», which produces engines for the first stage of the rocket «proton-M» took the credit. Otherwise, the plant was threatened with closure and firing of personnel,» — said Morocco in an interview to «Izvestia», answering the question about what the enterprise needed tranche of 30 billion.

The publication indicates that a few years ago, «Roskosmos» has already been provided to the Centre is approximately two times the amount.

According to the head of the centre, capacity of «proton-PM» is designed for the production of engines for at least 5-6 missiles a year, but when the order fell, it was necessary to maintain idling operation of the enterprise. Only on this loan is paid to banks for 650 million rubles per year.

«Another item of expenditure — the increased production costs. Slavatinskii chemical plant in 2017, 2.5 times increased the price of rocket fuel. The increased price of fuel — increased cost of testing engines, and the price rockets for the defense Ministry and Roscosmos fixed. Accordingly, we have to reduce their own profit,» said Marocco.

He also noted that in terms of reduced procurement and «sagging» of the commercial market the company has to maintain and manage existing redundant infrastructure.

«It is designed for the production of tens of rockets «proton» in a year, and we produced two times less. The production of «Angara» is designed for five heavy missiles per year. We have to contain the square of the people», — said the head of the Center.

The current economic state of the enterprise has compounded a series of accidents.

«The second half of 2016 first half of 2017, we have not made a single new missile. Then there was a question about the marriage of the engines, now this problem fixed, the engine went through, the marriage was eliminated, but this situation has aggravated the financial situation of the organization. The staff salaries for the downtime took 30 billion rubles,» — concluded Morocco.

Khrunichev Khrunichev is one of the leading enterprises of the Russian aerospace industry. The main products at the present time ─ boosters family «proton» and boosters to them. Also, the company is developing advanced family of rockets «Angara». In the summer of 2014, it was recognized that the Khrunichev Center is in a very difficult financial situation, out of which adopted the program of improvement of the enterprise.