Cinema appealed to Medvedev due to the transfer of a film about Paddington

© AFP 2018 / Valerie Mozopacity Hugh Grant, Sally Hawkins and Hugh Bonneville at the premiere of the Adventures of Paddington — 2 in California. 6 January 2018Cinema appealed to Medvedev due to the transfer of a film about Paddington© AFP 2018 / Valerie Macon

Association of theatre owners asked Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to pay attention to increased government regulation in the industry. The reason for the letter, posted on the page in Facebook of the Association, was the postponement of the date of hire of films «the adventures of Paddington — 2» and «maze Runner: the death cure».

The document States that the Russian cinema has received from holders notice, according to which by decision of the Ministry of culture, the release of «the Adventures of Paddington — 2» postponed from 18 January to 1 February and the movie «the maze Runner: the death cure» — from January 25 to February 1.

The Association said the decision is a gross interference of officials in the economic activities of commercial enterprises cinemas. She asked the Prime Minister, who also chairs the government Council for the development of domestic cinematography, to pay attention «to the real situation in the Russian film industry associated with consistent and excessive strengthening of administrative regulation in recent years.»

We are talking about the fact that the premiere of some foreign films postponed due to the Russian tapes. So, the Hollywood movie «fast and furious 8» and Russian movie «first Time» was supposed to get in the car at the same time, but in the end «first Time» was released on April 6th and the premiere of «the fast and the Furious-8» culture was moved to a week later.

The authors of the letter also appealed to the head of the Federal Antimonopoly service Igor Artemyev with a request to assess the situation and carry out the expertise of normative and legal documents.

The Ministry of culture said that the film «the adventures of Paddington — 2» has really given a rental license from February 1, what distributors had pre-informed and pre-sale tickets for this painting was illegal.

The head of Department Vladimir Medinsky, for his part, noted that the rollers operate on emotions, and encouraged to pay attention to the results. According to him, kinobori in Russia over five years has increased from 35 to 54 billion rubles, and film production increased 120%.

«I always operate only with numbers, not abstract cries of censorship. We who are no touch — all start yelling about censorship,» — said the Minister.