In Yakutia, told about the doctor who was fired for beating patient

© RIA Novosti / Konstantin to Collabourate in fotobanka. archival photoIn Yakutia, told about the doctor who was fired for beating patient© RIA Novosti / Konstantin to Collabourate the image Bank

Doctor sacked after the emergence of online video beating of the patient, claims for work not had, told RIA Novosti on Thursday the head physician Neryungri district hospital Nyurgun Stepanov.

Earlier in the Internet appeared the video, where the doctor in the hospital premises has hand, and then pounce on a woman. Pull them apart other health care providers.

According to prosecutors, the conflict between a man and a woman began at a disco in the village of Iengra in the new year’s eve. After a verbal altercation, a man struck a woman in the face. The next day she came to the local aid station to take a beating, the doctor was the same man who hit her in the disco. In the evening the doctor came to her house and insulted with profanities.

Meanwhile, the local media reported that a doctor hit a woman, defending her colleague. Supposedly at the disco, five girls began to beat the worker of a hospital, and Vladimir Naumov (retired doctor), stood up for her. The scene in the video was preceded by another incident. It is reported that, along with the hackneyed patient in the hospital came to her friends, they got beaten by them the day before the girl and pounced on her. The doctor again stood up for the colleague.

The intricacies of this story now understand the Prosecutor, the police and the investigative Committee. The Ministry of health of Yakutia, said that conducted the test, and the doctor fired.

«The dismissal took place on the initiative of the employee. Yesterday, the doctor wrote a statement on my name about granting of holiday with the subsequent dismissal, the statement I am satisfied. He worked with us from August 2016, the doctor had no complaints,» — said Stepanov.

According to him, now the hospital also formed a Commission and held an internal investigation. The information about the incident is collected, the final act with the Commission’s findings has not yet been issued.

«Our jurisdiction is limited to the territory of our hospital. We do not consider what happened outside the walls, we take only what occurred on the territory of Zolotinskogo hospital that is our branch. The facts of violation of labor discipline and ethics of the staff. The hospital is not the place for a showdown. The actions of the physician in this aspect unacceptable. In addition, the incident was not reported to the hospital management. We found out about it two weeks later from the video in social networks,» — said the chief doctor.


According to Stepanov, the doctor wrote a letter of explanation, which stated the reasons for his action. It follows from this that he really defended his colleague.

«The girls participating in the conflict, it was five people. Claim to the medical staff why they opened the door for them and allowed them all to the hospital. They came ostensibly to remove battery. But the powers of carrying out of a forensic medical examination at the local hospital there, doing it experts Department at the city of Neryungri. The duty nurse called the doctor in the hospital for the injuries, he had no need to come to the challenge,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

He also noted that the proceedings of this story will be continued at the meeting of the public Council and Commission on health of the district Council of deputies on Friday.