On the Taimyr Peninsula canceled Epiphany swim in 50-degree frosts

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in photobacteria of Baptism in the cities of Russia. Archival photoOn the Taimyr Peninsula canceled Epiphany swim in 50-degree frosts© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

The power of the Taimyr municipal district due to the 50-degree cold and winds canceled Epiphany bathing, reported on Thursday a press-service of administration of area.Dipped if you’re ever in the hole?

  • Yes, keep doing it
  • Yes, Baptism
  • This year just plunge
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    Yes, keep doing it

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    Yes, Baptism

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    This year just plunge

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    No, but I would like

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According to regional management on Affairs GO and CHS, on Friday on the Taimyr Peninsula the temperature will drop to minus 52 degrees, wind gusts of up to 12 meters per second.

«To avoid frostbite and accidents, Epiphany bathing in the territory of Dudinka, scheduled for January 19, will be carried out», — stated in the message.

Earlier, the authorities of polar Norilsk due to frost announced the city’s storm warning and announced the cancellation of Epiphany bathing.

The Siberian regional centre of the emergencies Ministry warned of a sharp cold in the entire County. So, in Krasnoyarsk, the temperature sometimes can drop below 40 degrees.

The day of Epiphany Orthodox Christians celebrate on January 19 (January 6, old style). Baptism along with Easter is the oldest Christian holidays in Russia are traditionally accompanied by mass bathing in the icy water in a specially hacks and sanctify the hole.On the Taimyr Peninsula canceled Epiphany swim in 50-degree frostsGo to fotoangelo Epiphany bathing in Moscow