Putin about the film, «Boundary»: goes straight to the heart

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Archival photoPutin about the film, «Boundary»: goes straight to the heart© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva the image Bank

President Vladimir Putin called the film «Frontier» about the breakthrough of the blockade of Leningrad during the great Patriotic war, a talented and expressive.

As told at a meeting with veterans on the day of the 75th anniversary of breaking the siege of Leningrad, the producer of the film of dzhanik Faiziev, the painting tools and language of the younger generation tells the story of breaking the siege of Leningrad. The essence of the story is that nowadays the younger, rational, slightly cynical businessman performed by Paul Priluchnogo faced with the fact that young people search engines have blocked access to the sandpit in the territory of the Nevsky patch under the pretext that you need to make archaeological work. Soon the hero realizes that once he takes up any subject found in the excavations, it is transferred to the past, and is on the tragically famous Nevsky patch bridgehead on the Neva, where the fighting took place in Leningrad.

«Here’s a way to Express an idea with time travel, it is used far not for the first time in world literature was repeatedly used, and in film, including in our, and in modern times. The question is not in the same way, and the question of how this is done. In my opinion, it is made very talented, expressive, easy to understand. It gets where he want to go straight to the heart. And that much of the value of works of this kind», — said Putin.

Putin laid flowers at the mass grave where buried his dead during the siege brother. pic.twitter.com/d9Kdwm0jCd

— Kremlin RIA Poole (@Kremlinpool_RIA) 18 January 2018