Rogozin promised the space sector supporting the government

© Photo : page GK «Rosatom» Twitter/Alexander Measuringstick manned spacecraft Soyuz MS-07 crew and the International space station. Archive photoRogozin promised the space sector supporting the government© Photo : page GK «Rosatom» Twitter/Alexander Misurkin

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin promised the government’s support of the space industry in the reform period.

«Problems of the Russian space Agency objective and subjective, of course, enough. We do not conceal them. But rather also the internal resources, capabilities, human and technological capacity. The Russian government has created and will develop rocket and space industry, he said.

«In the period of industry reform, the government provides financial and other support for all key enterprises of Roscosmos,» — said Deputy Prime Minister.

Deputy Prime Minister recalled that consistently implemented the reform of the space industry. «It is not without problems, but it will be a great success. A consolidation of the entire industry, is the removal of parallelism is the creation of equal conditions for public and private companies that can participate in space activities and the development of international programmes, including the United States, if they will not write nonsense in the media,» he said.

With regard to the main directions of further development of the Russian space Agency, the funds earned from the export of Russian rocket engines for space applications are developing the most advanced engine technology, said Rogozin.

«We actually sell the engines developed in 70-90 years, and invested in new engines. Today it is primarily additive technology, composite technology, which will allow you to get even greater efficiency from currently manufactured products, including the RD-191 engine. This renewal and modernization of production of RD-171 engine, which will be used to create rocket middle class «Soyuz-5″, the same engines in a more modernized form will be used when creating super-heavy rockets», — he added.

In addition, we are talking about creating a hydrogen engine and a engine that runs on methane.