The doctors: coughing broke a rib 66-year-old woman

© Depositphotos / Syda_ProductionsБабушка with handkerchiefThe doctors: coughing broke a rib 66-year-old woman© Depositphotos / Syda_Productions

An elderly resident of Massachusetts broke a rib after a strong coughing attack caused by a bacterial infection, according to scientists in an article published in the New England journal of Medicine.

A few weeks ago, as written by John Zambrano (John Zambrano) and Waist Herman (Talia Herman), doctors hospital Harvard Vanguard in Boston, they asked the woman, who was suffering from a strange pain right side and dry cough.

The first attempts to cure her from ARI helped her, which forced doctors to re-examination and to obtain tomographic images of her chest and lungs. These photos showed that her pain was not caused by a viral upper respiratory infection and a fractured rib, and that she was infected with not only viruses but also bacteria Bordetella pertussis, the causative agent of whooping cough.

As noted by itself 66-year-old patient, she did not fall and did not experience any serious physical exertion, which could lead to such injury. This led the scientists to conclude that her rib broke during one of the acute attacks of coughing, which the woman remembered after the examination.

Such attacks, according to doctors, often affect people infected with pertussis. Approximately two weeks after the onset of the disease, they begin to suffer from «barking» cough, during episodes of which their lungs are almost completely emptied. According to statistics, American healthcare services, approximately 4% of cases of coughing lead to rib fractures and other serious injuries.

These problems, as scholars have noted, can be avoided in two ways – «successfully» had been ill with whooping cough once, after which the person has immunity for life, or with pertussis-diphtheria-tetanus vaccine (TDAP) that protects patients from Bordetella pertussis for about ten years. In this case, the woman went through a similar vaccine about 8 years ago, which may explain how she managed to catch whooping cough in later years of life.