Tillerson spoke about the effects of economic sanctions against the DPRK

© AFP 2018 / Mandel NganГосударственный U.S. Secretary of Rex Tillerson. Archival photoTillerson spoke about the effects of economic sanctions against the DPRK© 2018 AFP / Mandel Ngan

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson on Wednesday spoke about what the effect of international economic sanctions against the DPRK.

Speaking at Stanford University in California, head of the Department of state referred to the data of Japan, which were presented Tuesday at a meeting in Vancouver on the DPRK issue.

The Secretary said, the Japanese authorities some time ago detained about a hundred North Korean fishing boats that drifted into the territorial waters of the island nation.

«Two thirds of the people on these ships died. They didn’t try to escape (from the DPRK – ed.). Those who died, wanted to go home, so they (Japanese – edition) brought them back to North Korea. They (Japanese – edition) found out that they were sent in the winter to fish because of food shortages. And sent them to fish without enough fuel to go back,» said Tillerson.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula escalated dramatically in 2017, after North Korea conducted a series of missile launches and nuclear test. In December, the UN Security Council imposed new international sanctions against Pyongyang at the initiative of the United States. The resolution, among other things, mandates that all UN countries to send home a North Korean labour migrants immediately, but not later than the end of 2019. In addition, they introduced severe restrictions on the supply to North Korea of fuel and a number of other goods.