Woodpeckers in Moscow parks because of global warming started knocking in January

© RIA Novosti / Maxim Aminopiperidine rare birds appear in the series of stamps «Fauna of Russia»Woodpeckers in Moscow parks because of global warming started knocking in January© RIA Novosti / Maxim Blinov

Woodpeckers that live in some of Moscow’s parks, due to the unusually warm weather in the first half of winter began rallying his knock, thinking that spring has arrived, have informed RIA of news in the public environmental budget institution «Mospeada».

«Animals and plants, of course, love the sun, but I got used to his absence, they are guided on the length of daylight. So reliable. But the odd behaviour was recorded in January. Woodpeckers have decided that it’s spring, and started making a knock like in February. Other animals change is not noticed», — told RIA Novosti employee of the HPBW «Mospeada» Valentin Volkov.

As explained by RIA Novosti in an institution like the behavior of the birds was caused by the unusual early winter warm weather. Now, when the January frosts finally came, the birds returned to their accustomed way of life.

As previously reported by RIA Novosti in Moscow «Weather Bureau», the current winter in Moscow was one of the warmest in the last 10 years. The air temperature anomaly in the capital for the first half of winter made plus 6.1 degrees. Only half of the season, the temperature highs were blocked four times 17, 29, 30 December and for the last time on 7 January.