Authorities relocated the tenants of the burned house at PE near Saratov

© Photo : courtesy of GU Ministry of emergency situations ofliquidity the consequences of pulling the transmission pipeline near Saratov. January 18, 2018Authorities relocated the tenants of the burned house at PE near Saratov© Photo : courtesy of EMERCOM of Russia

The family of a private house in the village, Krasnoarmeyskiy, Saratov region, which was burned Thursday after an accident on the main pipeline, until February 3, will be given a new flat, said the head of the Engels district of the Saratov region Alexander Strelyukhin.

Thursday on the main oil pipeline company «Transneft» Kuibyshev-Tihoretsk near the village of krasnoarmeyskoye is made of oil and fire. The fire is extinguished. According to the MOE, the area of the oil-spill amounted to two thousand square meters. According to Transneft, the volume of output of oil was about 900 cubic meters (according to the source RIA Novosti in emergency services of the region, about two thousand of «cubes»).

Affected 10 houses, two of which were completely burned, no injuries. The Governor of the region Valery Radaev promised financial compensation to the victims until their resettlement. To complete emergency repair work is planned before the end of the day Sunday.

«The decision on resettlement of the family whose house burned down in a two-bedroom apartment on the first floor in a residential building… To 1-3 Feb we need to move, people today will be told,» said Strelyukhin on Friday at a meeting of the operational headquarters on liquidation of consequences of emergency.