California’s tortured children a couple have pleaded guilty

© AP Photo / Reed Oopperasta patrol car. CA. Archival photoCalifornia’s tortured children a couple have pleaded guilty© AP Photo / Reed Saxon

The couple from California who were charged with torture and abuse of their children, not pleaded guilty, according to CNN.

Earlier it was reported that the riverside County police in California arrested a couple of Turpanov that kept in prison for 13 your children aged 2 to 29 years, some of them were in chains. The district attorney filed against the couple – 57-year-old David and 49-year-old Louise – dozens of charges, including torture and violence.

At the court hearing on Thursday Turpini pleaded not guilty. The amount of bail for each spouse is $ 12 million. The next hearing in the case of Turpanov scheduled for February 23.

The Prosecutor in the hearings reported extreme physical exhaustion of children, which affected their mental abilities. Some children did not know who the police officer.

If they are found guilty on all charges, they face life imprisonment.