Crisis of confidence: the for Apple will result in the battery scandal

© AFP 2018 / Toru Aamupalapalvelu with iPhone 4Crisis of confidence: the for Apple will result in the battery scandal© 2018 AFP / Toru Yamanaka

Around Apple broke out a loud reputational scandal that has been dubbed Batterygate (by analogy with «desligada» Volkswagen). The worst suspicions were justified: Microsoft intentionally slows the speed of the old iPhone. Hearing this confession from Apple, angry consumers are Queuing at the courts. In the United States, Canada, Israel, France, company collapsed shaft claims.

Not far behind, and in Russia the total amount of compensation demanded by the plaintiffs from the manufacturer — more than a million rubles. Observers warn that such a blow to the reputation store for the most expensive brand in the world billions in losses. What Apple present iPhone owners, how much moral damage and what ultimately may end Batterygate — in the material RIA Novosti.


Rapid interest of users X to the iPhone, which went on sale in November last year, quickly gave way to disappointment. The flagship was surprised by a record number of deficiencies and defects: freezes in the cold, bursting, does not respond to touch, recognize a face, even if it is someone else’s, and rips the hair from his beard. Pretty quickly sold the device at the October pre-orders, Apple has reduced production of iPhone X: in the first quarter of 2018, the demand for the novelty diminished. The company has tied up with the end of the Christmas shopping season, and analysts pointed to the high price of the iPhone X and the lack of interesting innovations.

And here in December, just one month after the release of the iPhone X, Apple gave fans of the brand a nasty surprise. The company acknowledged that really slow down the performance of the earlier models of the smartphone, but with a good purpose: to extend the life of batteries. Consumers of such care is not appreciated and now demand exorbitant compensation.

Moral harm is subjective, but this amount, according to plaintiff, he took not from the ceiling. «Russian courts should go the way of the Western, which is awarded as compensation for serious money, besides, seven is a lucky number,» explained Klyuchnikov RIA Novosti.

The other victim, Maxim Karpov not so irreconcilable: he expects to address the shortcomings of the product and only 55 thousand rubles.

Hangs and is buggy

As told RIA Novosti Klyuchnikov, an iPhone 6 owner and a longtime fan of Apple technology saw a report that the company has officially acknowledged the slowing down of their devices, he was very happy: conspiracy theory, which he believed millions of people around the world, were confirmed.

«I have long suspected that the manufacturer deliberately slows down the phone, prompting us consumers to purchase new models,» says the plaintiff. Moreover, in December, he noticed that his iPhone was «really quite bad».

«Technically, the smartphone copes with its functions: you can call, surf the Internet, use apps, but all of this comes with a very long delay. In addition, the app often freezes and switches off, buggy Safari» — describes Klyuchnikov problems familiar to most owners not the new iPhone.
Future loss

Faced with criticism, Apple has tried to rectify the situation. The company launched in the U.S. the program is a battery replacement for $ 79, and then reduced the cost to $ 29. Appeared unhealthy excitement: consumers mass recorded to replace the old batteries, and some us stores the waiting time stretched to a few days.

Barclays analysts warned that the new scheme replacing the batteries may cause a significant slowdown of iPhone sales. It is the wear of the battery — the main motive of purchase new models. Given the fact that replacing the battery now is cheaper and involves the production increase in 2018, Apple could sell 16 million iPhones in less than expected to lose $ 10 billion.

Short-term losses the Corporation will survive, but the current crisis of confidence, while only gaining momentum, will have on it long-term and extremely negative impact.

Mistake can be fatal

In the modern world brands spend decades to nurture and support an army of loyal customers. It is interesting that customer loyalty to Apple marketers evaluate the maximum 10 points out of 10. Usually, this ardent «Yabloko», do not recognize equipment from other manufacturers. Strong brand loyalty hardly ruin small shoals and shortcomings. To those, for example, include the fact that the new iPhone X brought to the market, although it is somewhat buggy.

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in Photobacterium Apple iPhone 6Crisis of confidence: the for Apple will result in the battery scandal© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in Photobacterium Apple iPhone 6

The current error corporations — a deliberate slowing of the devices may become very painful.

In September 2015, the world was shaken by scandal with diesel cars Volswagen, recognized as one of the biggest scams of the century. It turned out that the German autoconcern has equipped millions of its diesel cars, the special software during a benchmark test ten times lower amounts of harmful emissions, in particular NOx (oxides of nitrogen).

Rechargeable scandal, of course, is different from the «desligada», but the consequences could be for Apple much more dramatic.