First snow battle winter: in Moscow clean snow

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in fotoracconti and communal services of Moscow eliminate the consequences of heavy snowfall on Manezhnaya squareFirst snow battle winter: in Moscow clean snow© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye the image Bank

In Moscow, 18 Jan — the snowy day this winter. By Thursday evening the weather front brought 10 inches of snow. The struggle with the elements late at night were thrown all utilities. As prohodila this fight and where to complain, if you see that your street has lost it — in the material RIA Novosti.

Ten thousand cars plus reserve

The snowfall began in Moscow on Wednesday evening, January 17, and gradually gained strength. By Thursday evening, the snow cover reached 10 inches, and forecasters of the center weather «Phobos» projected loss of a quarter of the monthly norm of precipitation. Tube in the morning rush hour was evaluated at eight points, the obstructions on the roads were observed throughout the day. In Moscow airports had flight delays.

On Wednesday night, at 11 and 17 hours on Thursday on the main roads of the capital was held solid prometeia: machinery, formed in columns, with the support of traffic police car passed the street over the entire width, completely clearing them of snow.

«Since last night at this time (17:00) dropped about 10 inches of snow. Snowfall will continue until tomorrow morning, — told reporters the head of GBU «highways» Alexander Oreshkin. In total, we expect the increase in snow cover of about 15 centimeters.»

«Cleaning the city involved about 10 thousand units of heavy equipment, he added. Is sweepers, dump trucks, graders, heavy loaders».

Oreshkin said that the usual snowfall is about 7.5 thousand cars. If on Friday, the situation suddenly deteriorate, the city can use additional equipment in excess of 10 thousand. «The reserves are. It’s not the most heavy snowfall is a regular situation,» he said, noting that, despite the first heavy winter snowfall, Moscow is still going.

The column — water only

The work of road services in the context of the impending snowfall begins with the fact that they are getting a detailed forecast from meteorological services on the basis of these data plan required amount of equipment.

«Then, depending on weather conditions the machine is charged with a certain type of deicing material or their combination,» — said the head of road maintenance section of the «Garden ring» Sergey Malikov.

In General, as explained in the Complex of municipal economy of Moscow, in the capital are three types of deicing materials. The liquid consists of a sodium chloride — plain table salt, and calcium chloride — a chemical compound used as a food additive and in the manufacture of medicines. Solid deicing material is the same mixture, to which was further added and sodium formate, is also a salt of organic origin. Liquid materials treated with the carriageway of roads and highways at a temperature from zero to minus 10 degrees, solid — to minus 20.

The third type — combined. With its help clear the sidewalks and the pedestrian zone. The composition of a marble crumb and sodium formate.

All these compounds are safe for people and the environment. They do not cause allergies, not harmful to lungs and much less aggressive than those used in the Northern cities of Europe and North America.

Snegopady stationary point is already much more powerful and complex. Snow mass directly from the truck is dumped into the crusher — a huge snowy meat grinder. The crushed snow and ice then melted by the heat of normal wastewater, the resulting water is filtered by sand and debris and is also sent to the sewer.

If you see a road on your street cleaned poorly formed ice or rose the snow at the bus stop, send a complaint to the portal «Our city» Be sure to indicate the address and describe the problem, attach photos or a short video. You can also contact the unified referral service of the government of Moscow phone: 8 (495) 777-77-77 or try to solve the problem through your management company or TSZH. In this case, do not forget to specify the name and position of staff member who answered the call, and the time frame in which they plan to solve the problem.

The hydrometcentre of Russia meanwhile reported that the snowfall in Moscow will last five days and will end only on Wednesday. Until Saturday likely blizzards.

First snow battle winter: in Moscow clean snow© RIA Novosti, Infographique snow