In France the unions continue to call for the locking of the prison

© Sputnik / Jean-Baptiste DeucherВ a result of the protests jailers in France blocked the prison of Frösön. 19 January 2018In France the unions continue to call for the locking of the prison© Sputnik / Jean-Baptiste Deucher

Trade unions in French prisons — UFAP UNSa Justice and CGT Pénitentiaire — continue to encourage colleagues to action for the implementation by the authorities for improving the working conditions of prison staff.

According to the joint communiqué of the two organizations, January 18, «employees are more 123 penal institutions have been mobilized, the institutions were blocked, the stock was attended by more than 4.8 thousand people.»

Trade unions have called on their colleagues to continue to share and Friday, «blocking the maximum number of institutions.»

The protests of prison officials are ongoing in France since the beginning of the week. The reason for discontent was the series of attacks by prisoners on prison supervisors, in which at least 10 people were injured. The trade unions entered into negotiations with representatives of the Ministry of justice, however long meeting, which lasted sometimes and night, to the present time has not led to the result.

Among the requirements of the prison service — recruitment of new staff, the introduction of special measures against extremist prisoners and other aspects relating to increase safety and improve working conditions.