In Novokuznetsk male because of the dislike of the neighbours set fire to their home

© Fotolia / badahosСпички. Archival photoIn Novokuznetsk male because of the dislike of the neighbours set fire to their home© Fotolia / badahos

Police detained in Novokuznetsk man suspected of committing arson because of the dislike of the neighbors, the damage from fires has made almost one million roubles, and one house was completely burnt, told RIA Novosti on Friday the head office of the interior Ministry in the Kemerovo region.

During the month, the city police received three signals about the fires in the private sector on the streets of Lithuania. In one case, the fire destroyed outbuildings, the other was damaged the roof and porch of the house, said the Agency.

«Also from the actions of unknown injured a local resident, the house which burned down completely. All the victims live on the same street, the total amount of damages caused by him amounted to about one million rubles. According to the results of the examination revealed that in each case the cause of the fire was arson,» — said the interior Ministry.

Police found and detained the suspect, who was previously convicted 37-year-old neighbor of the victims, added in the Chapter. As militiamen found out, unemployed man abuses alcohol.

«Was that the attacker felt a personal dislike to landlords, with whom previously he had conflicts, and burned their homes out of revenge. Outbuildings of another of his neighbor, he burned that in the fire it was easier to find and collect scrap metal», — said the interior Ministry.

The detainee was involved in three criminal cases under article «Deliberate destruction or damage of property», max which provide penalties of up to five years in prison, concluded the Agency.