In Ulyanovsk will show the new Russian airliner MS-21

© RIA Novosti / the PR Department of the Corporation «Irkut»go to fotosensibile MS-21. Archival photoIn Ulyanovsk will show the new Russian airliner MS-21© RIA Novosti / the PR Department of the Corporation «Irkut»go to the Bank

Guests and participants of the International air transport forum (IATF-2018), which will be held in August in Ulyanovsk, will be able to see the new Russian airliner MS-21, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov.

«We plan to introduce leading Russian aircraft MS-21, Il-76, to exhibit legendary Ruslan», — Morozov said about what development will be presented at IATF 2018.

He said that in 2018 on the forum it is planned to pay more attention to the issue of the manufacture and operation of drones. The forum is scheduled for mid-August.

MC-21 perspective Russian passenger aircraft with a capacity from 150 to 211 passengers, includes the latest developments in aircraft and engine design, avionics and systems. He was replaced by Soviet aircraft «Tu», «Yak» and «An». Earlier Irkut announced that in 2018 it is planned to finish production of flight copies and to continue the production of serial aircraft.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in January reported that the first trunk liner MS-21-300 has already made 33 test flight. In late February — early March, the tests will be joined by a second aircraft, which Assembly is completed at the Irkutsk aviation plant. In addition, in the same factory is preparing to launch in 2019 in the serial production of this airliner. The aircraft will be equipped with engine model PD-14.

International air transport forum IATF was first held in 2011.