Israel will pay compensation of Jordan after the death of two citizens of the Kingdom

© Fotolia / AZN99Вид the city of tel Aviv. Archival photoIsrael will pay compensation of Jordan after the death of two citizens of the Kingdom© Fotolia / AZN99

Regrets from the diplomatic incident at the Israeli Embassy in Jordan and undertakes to pay compensation to the government of the Kingdom in connection with the deaths of two of his subjects, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Israeli Embassy in Jordan was closed from July 2017 to mid-January, 2018. Then the Embassy staff were quickly evacuated after a security guard shot and killed two Israelis Jordanians during a quarrel that broke out under still unknown circumstances. Israel on Thursday confirmed the agreement with Jordan on the settlement from a diplomatic incident and an immediate resumption of the work of its Embassy in Amman.
«Israel regrets the incident in Jordan in which Israeli security guard shot and killed two of the Embassy is a citizen of Jordan», — quotes the edition of «Haaretz» Netanyahu’s statement, which he did in the plane on the way from India.

According to the Israeli Prime Minister that his country would pay compensation to the Jordanian government, and not the families of the victims, as previously reported in Jordanian media.

Netanyahu stressed that he will appoint a new Ambassador in Amman in the near future.

Jordan is one of two, along with Egypt, the Arab countries that have diplomatic ties with Israel.