Labor Minister considers the prospective development of the bionic prosthesis in Russia

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator in fotobounce prosthesis of the upper limbs. Archival photoLabor Minister considers the prospective development of the bionic prosthesis in Russia© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator the image Bank

Development of bionic prostheses is a promising segment in Russia, which can be developed in the Novgorod region, said labor Minister Maxim Topilin after the meeting with representatives of the Novgorod enterprise «NPO KVANT» development of modular prostheses.

«As bionic prostheses, this segment is very promising. Main thing is to do no worse than their foreign counterparts. Our experts can do it better, cheaper and more convenient. A very important point — training in the use of such a device, rehabilitation. The rehab is a separate story,» said the Minister.

He added that the Ministry will consider how to develop this area in the Novgorod region. «It’s new jobs, and new ideas», — said the Minister, expressing regret that «we have in the country is in its infancy».

As told the head of Department of innovative development NPO «KVANT» Stanislav Ants already exist development of bionic prostheses, which cost significantly less than their Western counterparts. For example, domestic modular bionic prosthetic hand can cost 200 thousand rubles, while the price of imported similar prosthesis is about 2 million rubles. «A feature of the prostheses is the possibility of using with amputation of the upper extremities due to the modular design, sensory system, and an affordable price,» said the Ants.

The features of the bionic prosthesis has less than 5 sensors limits the strength of the grip that allows you to keep, for example, ballpoint pen in the artificial fingers. The speed of performing a full Tong and disclosure of the artificial hand for more than 2 seconds. Also installed at least one sensor to prevent slipping of items held. This year the development will have to pass medical licensing.