New Feb: «Queen of spades» in the Bolshoi theatre and «tales from the Vienna woods» in mayakivka

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in fotobabble auditorium. Archival photoNew Feb: «Queen of spades» in the Bolshoi theatre and «tales from the Vienna woods» in mayakivka© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

February new, 2018 will be really theatrical in addition to musical and dramatic Prime, viewers will be able to see the best performances of the last season at the festival «Golden mask», which starts on 6 February, the «Cinderella» of the Perm Opera and ballet theatre.

The new year starts with the Prime Minister the Bolshoi and the Mariinsky, Musical theater. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko theatre. Mayakovsky, the Theatre on Taganka «Satire».

The Bolshoi theatre

Probably, the most anticipated premiere for all lovers of the Opera masterpiece by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky «Queen of spades», one of the most popular performers and the audience of the Opera composer’s works. «Queen of spades» written by Tchaikovsky to a libretto by modest Tchaikovsky based on a short story by Alexander Pushkin.

For performances invited to the famous drama Director Rimas Tuminas, with whom the cooperation of the Bolshoi theater began with the Opera «Katerina Ismailova» by Shostakovich.

Together with the Director of the new stage version of the work of his frequent collaborator, the painter Adomas Jacovskis and costume designer Maria Danilova.

«I wrote it with unprecedented fervor and passion now had been through and felt everything that happens in it (even to the point that at one time was afraid of the spectre of the Queen of spades) and hope that all my author’s enthusiasm, excitement and passion will echo in the hearts of responsive listeners,» wrote Tchaikovsky.

The performance will take place at the historic Bolshoi theatre. The premiere is scheduled for February 15.

The Mariinsky theatre

The Mariinsky theatre will present in February, two Opera premieres and the international festival «the Singing carnival».

The ninth of February at the Concert hall of the Mariinsky theatre will see the premiere of Joseph Haydn’s Opera «Desert island» performed by soloists of the Mariinsky Academy of young Opera singers theatre under the direction of Larisa Gergieva. On the podium is guest conductor Javad Taghizade.

Opera for young audiences «the adventures of Kintaro» young composer Rustam Sagdiev created based on the ancient Japanese tale specially for the Mariinsky theatre, will be presented February 18 at the Hall of Prokofiev at the Mariinsky-2. The cast soloists of the Mariinsky Academy of young Opera singers «Mariinsky».

From 12 to 18 February at the Mariinsky theatre will be held the III international festival «the Singing carnival». Singing forum will open with a concert of one of the greatest European choirs — the Prague Philharmonic choir. His discography includes albums for such labels as Deutsche Grammophon, Decca, Sony Classical.

In addition to choral concerts and concerts in the choral part a capella marathon in the program of the festival will include operas by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov: «the legend of the invisible city of Kitezh and the maiden Fevronia» and «the snow maiden».

Completed the «a Singing carnival» 18 Feb extensive program. Day featuring Children’s choir of radio and television of St.-Petersburg and Large children’s choir. Popov. And at the evening concert, the audience will see the team from Northern Germany — Chamber chlorine I Vocalisti, the number of which varies from 20 to 60 people depending on the executable music.

Musical theatre

At the end of February Musical theatre. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko will present an Opera by the Czech composer leoš janáček’s «Jenufa», created the libretto on the drama of Gabriela Prejssovoj «Her stepdaughter». The world premiere of «Enufe» took place in 1904 on the stage of the National theatre Brno.

The plot of the Opera Janacek — tragic. The stepdaughter of Church storozhihi Jenufa loves the drunkard and the reveller Steve, which gave birth to the child. But he went cold on her and was going to marry another girl. To hide the shame stepdaughter, the watchman decides to kill the baby. Jenufa discovers the dead body of the child, and this crime will all in the village. But in this terrible grief with her Lazo, who has long loved her and will be loyal to his sweetheart to the end.

The composer wrote his Opera in a difficult time, when was seriously ill his beloved daughter Olga, which after her death, janáček and dedicated to his work.

On the production on the stage of the Musical theatre works is a creative team including music Director and conductor Eugene Brazhnik, directed by Alexander Titel, artist Vladimir Arefyev.

Premiere of «Enufe» will be held on February 28. The Opera is performed in Russian.

Theatre. Mayakovsky

The first premiere new year in «Mayakovskaya» will play «tales from the Vienna woods». This is the Russian premiere of the play one of the key Austrian playwrights of Eden background Howarth.

Puts the play’s young, but has already gained recognition for his work on the stage of the theater. Mayakovsky Director Nikita Kobelev. He loves to discover new texts — the first in Russia dramatized the book of the American neuropsychologist Oliver sacks «Man who mistook wife for a hat», introduced the theatre with a touching and hilarious Saga of Friedrich Gorenstein «Berdichev» and now will present to the Russian audience a play by Austrian playwright Eden von Hovart.

Play «tales from the Vienna woods» was written in 1931 and the same year received an award of Heinrich Kleist, and in 1933 was burning on the area of Munich, among other prohibited works of the author. In Russia it was not, and in the repertoire of German-language theatre play for over 80 years.

Lyrical and ironic story of the search for love takes place in Vienna shops 30 years before the Nazis came to power under the festive melodies of the Strauss waltzes.

For the scenography in the play «tales from the Vienna woods» meets the main artist of the theater «Gesher» Michael Cramento. Starring the current nominees for the national theatre award «Golden Mask» Anastasia diachuk and Vyacheslav Kokorin (both nominated for the play «the Exile»).

The Theatre Of Satire

Moscow Satire theatre will present in February phantasmagoria in two acts by Rodion Ovchinnikov — the author of the play and the Director of the show called «Where are we?!…»

The question «Where are we?» ask yourself the main characters of the play, the fates caught up in the crazy house. There are three of them: a rustic unique, wise and a drunkard whose life ends up in the nuthouse going crazy well-known TV presenter and forgotten, and when the idol, the darling of the public. At the head of the house, sad and funny — a doctor, instead of drugs, handing out reassuring promises to their patients.

Together with the Director on the production are: set designer Victor Shilkrot, costume designer Irena Belousova.

Starring stars only headed by the artistic Director of the theatre national artist of Russia Alexander Shirvindt: Fedor Dobronravov, Alexander Oleshko, who briefly leaving TV projects and will return to the theater, Yuri Nifontov and others.

The first night performances of 7.9 and 18 February.

The Taganka theatre

The theatre on the 80th anniversary of the famous actor, the bard and poet Vladimir Vysotsky (his birthday — January 25) prepares a premiere of a new play, «Run, Alice, run». The premiere will take place on the main stage theatre on 2 February.

New Feb: «Queen of spades» in the Bolshoi theatre and «tales from the Vienna woods» in mayakivka© RIA Novosti / Yana to Lekovitata in fotomonster on Taganka will present the play Vampilov «Elder son»Performance is created on autoplastic Vysotsky’s «Alice in Wonderland». This journey in the music Studio of the artist, from the stage will sound poems of Vladimir Vysotsky in musical compositions by Ivan Kushnir. This work is the gratitude of the creative team of his home theatre, the legendary artist and poet in the year of his jubilee.

40 years after the recording of Vysotsky that LP, revives her in the stage version of young talented team: Director Maxim Didenko, multiple Academy theatre award «Golden mask» and «Golden soffit», the playwright Valery Pecheikin, the artist Maria Tregubov and the best artists of the Taganka Theater.

«The play is dedicated to the eternal desire of people, anyway, to run away from problems… But there is no place where you can be in absolute safety. The run — first of all, existential running to himself, finding himself in absolute darkness. The show is designed for all inhabitants of the Earth,» — said on the eve of the premiere of Didenko.

Due to the fact that the project was launched on the Russian crowdfunding platform those who will participate in this project will be the first to see the play, «Run, Alice, run», the birthday of Vladimir Vysotsky on 25 January.

The official premiere will take place on 2 February.

Moscow Philharmonic

New Feb: «Queen of spades» in the Bolshoi theatre and «tales from the Vienna woods» in mayakivka© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in Photobacterium in honor of the anniversary of Shchedrin will take place in Moscow Filarmonico of February in the Moscow Philharmonic will perform the famous French musicians, whose art has long received international recognition, cellist Gautier Capuçon and pianist jérôme ducro. In addition to a successful solo career, the artists known as the outstanding chamber musicians. The Russian public will be able to assess ensemble skills of the performers. Surely the star Duo will present in the Concert hall. Tchaikovsky.

This evening will be performed: Sonata for cello and piano Debussy, «Meditation» from the Opera «Thais» by Massenet, «Elegy» for cello and piano fauré, «the Swan» Zoological fantasy «Carnival of animals» by Saint-Saens, Piazzolla Grand Tango, Encore ducro. And also — «Forest silence» from the cycle «From the Bohemian forest» Dvorak Andante cantabile from String Quartet No. 1 by Tchaikovsky and Sonata for cello and piano Rachmaninov.

Grand Symphony orchestra

Maestro Vladimir Fedoseev, Grand Symphony orchestra of them. Tchaikovsky (BSO), Prague Philharmonic choir and soloists of «Helikon-Opera» will perform the masterpiece of Czech art of the NINETEENTH century — the spiritual antonín dvořák’s cantata Stabat Mater.

New Feb: «Queen of spades» in the Bolshoi theatre and «tales from the Vienna woods» in mayakivka© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage in photolanguage in Moscow: an exhibition about the colors and power and the concert of Denis Maceacharn, which will be held on February 15 in the Great hall of Moscow Conservatory, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and the Czech Republic.

Stabat Mater — one of the favorite works of the Symphony orchestra, which Maestro has repeatedly performed with various bands. On 15 February, the first conductor will present the cantata with the Prague Philharmonic choir, who will come to Moscow especially for this performance.

For antonín dvořák create Staban Mater was due to personal losses in September 1876 died his daughter of Joseph, which was the first in a series of bitter events in the composer. During the period of work on the cantata Dvorak lost two more children, and his own shock was given to the product of such force «nerve» that does not leave the audience indifferent since 1880, and to this day.

In Moscow the spiritual cantata Stabat Mater was first performed in 1890 in the Lutheran Church of St. Peter and Paul. The concert was attended by the author, antonín dvořák.

The concert will involve soloists of «Helikon-Opera» Anna Pegova (soprano), Irina Reynard (mezzo-soprano), Igor Morozov (tenor), Dmitry Skorikov (bass).

Russian national orchestra

New Feb: «Queen of spades» in the Bolshoi theatre and «tales from the Vienna woods» in mayakivka© RIA Novosti / Ruslan Krivobok Go in fotobank Moscow will host a Christmas festival of religious musicassette national orchestra (RNO) will open the second month of the new year program, which included compositions by Beethoven. 1 February in the Concert hall. Tchaikovsky Russian national orchestra will perform the Fifth Concert for piano and orchestra (soloist: Alexei Volodin) and the famous Fifth Symphony by the composer. The conductor long-standing partner of the orchestra Alexander Sladkovsky.

In the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatory (BZK), the orchestra will be February 4 with the program «Legends of Italian Opera». Arias and duets from operas by Verdi and Puccini will be performed by Mariinsky theatre soloists Natalya Pavlova (soprano) and Ahmed Agadi (tenor), accompanied by RNO — conductor Vladislav Lavrik.

7 Feb RNO will appear before the public in two forms: in the Grand hall of the Conservatory orchestra and the State academic choral Capella. Yurlova will participate in the performance of Handel’s oratorio «Samson,» and in the Moscow House of music will present a program of works by Russian and Chinese composers.

The concert on 18 February at the Philharmonic-2, — Concerto No. 2 for piano and orchestra by Chopin and the Symphony No. 1 of Brahms. The solo in the concert will be one of the most brilliant young Russian pianist, the winner of the competition. Chopin in Warsaw. Busoni in Bolzano and BNDES in Rio de Janeiro. — Dmitry Shishkin. The conductor — Vladislav Lavrik.

To close the month the Russian national orchestra performance in the Concert hall. Tchaikovsky’s February 28, will be the world premiere of the Symphony In Spe (» In hope») for solo violin and cello with orchestra Vyacheslav Artyomov. Soloists Ivan Pochekin (violin) and Anton Pavlovsky (cello). The conductor — Valentin Uryupin.

The program is dedicated to the works of contemporary Russian composer laureate of the prize «person of the year 2016» Vyacheslav Artyomov.