Onf has proposed to revise the regulations regarding the disposal of waste

© RIA Novosti / Michael Microchimeric in fotobanka waste recycling plant. Archival photoOnf has proposed to revise the regulations regarding the disposal of waste© RIA Novosti / Michael Microchimeric the image Bank

Experts of the Russian popular front (onf) propose the Ministry of natural resources to revise the norms for disposal of waste and sent to the government proposals, said the press service of the front on Friday.

The organization believes that the approved regulations for disposal of waste in 2018-2020 will not contribute to the development of the industry of waste management. Onf experts believe that the expansion of the list of groups of products that must be disposed of after the loss of their consumer properties, due to the duplication of the eponymous group, not introducing new ones. So, cited the coordinator of the Center for public monitoring of the popular front for problems of ecology and forest protection Dmitry Mironov, paper and cardboard are processed the same regardless of which group of products it belongs to.

«This means that all product and packaging from paper and cardboard should be in one group, and standard utilization of them should be United. The regulator also shattered group on paper and cardboard, and introduced different standards for them», — quotes a press-service of the word Mironov.

He added that now the producers of goods and packaging there was a loophole – they will be accountable for the group with the smallest norm. For example, he explained, the manufacturer of the product in a cardboard box will be able to pay an environmental fee in accordance with the standards of another group of products «Packaging, packaging paper and paperboard other» having standards lower.

«It turns out that the environmental tax will not be again assembled in the scale laid down in the budget, and we should not rely on the development of infrastructure for the separate collection, treatment and disposal of waste, as the money it will not be – they will remain in the pockets of producers of goods and packaging, and our citizens are faced with increasing landfill» — said Mironov.

In this regard, said Mironov, onf sent to the RF government its proposals for the revision of standards and the Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation called for a review of norms.