Putin honored the memory of victims of blockade of Leningrad

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codecoverage in potomacfever Putin at the ceremony of laying flowers to the monument Boundary stone on the military-historic complex in the Nevsky spot Leningrad region. 18 January 2018Putin honored the memory of victims of blockade of Leningrad© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codiscovered the image Bank

Vladimir Putin in day of the 75th anniversary of breaking the siege of Leningrad came to St. Petersburg and laid flowers at the Piskarevskoye memorial cemetery to the monument of Motherland.

On the way from the Eternal flame at the monument, the President stopped to lay flowers at the mass grave, where he buried his brother Victor, who died in the siege.

At the monument to the head of state approached the pensioner Yevgeny Shcherbakov. He reported that their fathers fought together on the Nevsky Pyatachok. The pensioner agreed with the President about personal meeting to tell him about those events, as well as the pictures show.

Gets «straight to the heart»

In addition, the President participated in other commemorative events. He showed a film «Frontier» about the breakthrough of the blockade. In the film, as told by the producer dzhanik Faiziev, means and language of the young generation is told about those events.

Putin also saw the multimedia exposition of the Museum-panorama «Breakthrough», which shows the picture of the dramatic events of 13 January 1943 — second day of operation «spark» to break the blockade.

The leader of the search team Shlisselburg Dmitry Poshtarenko carried to the President a detailed tour, expanding on almost many heroes of those events.

In addition, the head of state watched a video that showed the air battles.

After that, Putin was photographed with all members of the search group that had helped to create the exposition.

Poshtarenko told the head of state as he in the childhood saw took out a German ship from the bottom of the Neva river, and then asked for its reconstruction.

Putin after the tour, signed the book of honorary guests.

«Thank you for preserving the memory of the courage of Leningrad and the heroism of the defenders of the city», — wrote the President.

The head of state said that one should use every appropriate occasion to recall the heroic events of those days, «to the whole world about it remember to never anything like this in the fate of our country and in the world as a whole is not repeated».

The Siege Of Leningrad

The siege of Leningrad started on 8 September 1941 and lasted nearly 900 days. The only way ─ «Way of life», which was delivered to the city food was laid on the ice of lake Ladoga. Broke through the blockade, January 18, 1943, however, completely to remove it was only on 27 January 1944.

During the siege, according to various estimates, killed from 400 thousand to half a million people. So, at the Nuremberg trials featured the number 632 thousand people. Only 3% of them died from the bombing, the rest died of starvation.