Scientists named the most annoying family members

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Mothers, sisters and wives were the most annoying and «inconvenient» family members for their relatives, due to their overly active part in family life, say scientists in an article published in the journal American Sociological Review.

«Relations with the relatives of the female sex can be for many people a kind of a double edged sword. On the one hand, they may be those members of the family, from which most strongly affects your life, and with another – the most grouchy and uncomfortable to communicate loved ones,» said Claude Fischer (Claude Fischer) from the University of California at Berkeley (USA).

Fisher and his colleagues came to this conclusion, trying to find the answer to a simple question – how to relate to each other various family members and what a typical role in it played by fathers, sons, mothers, grandparents, sisters and other people, and what emotions they evoke from each other.

As scholars have noted, sociologists and evolutionists traditionally pay attention to the positive relationship that helps to strengthen the family and make it the «cell of society», which today is considered, however, play an important role and the negative connection causing discomfort and a burning desire to escape from one of the participants in such bonds.

For the search and study of California psychologists interviewed just over a thousand residents of the state, which had about 12 thousand family ties, and asked them to tell their relatives, friends and other associates who seem to them sometimes, too demanding or difficult to communicate.

As it turned out, the relationship in the family bothered the volunteers much more than communicating with friends and strangers. On average, approximately 15% of their relatives periodically or continuously caused them discomfort, whereas only 6-7% of the friends and strangers acted on them this way.

Interestingly, most of the «annoying» relatives were representatives of the weaker sex – they are more likely to become mothers, sisters and wives. On average, every third Respondent admitted that communication with these three types of family members caused his or her psychological discomfort.

Their leadership in this «list of hate», as the researchers note, does not depend on the age and gender of the people they’re tired – in other words, similar thoughts were expressed by not only the husbands, sons and grandsons, but also daughters, sisters and mothers.

«People often say that strong family and social ties are useful to society and the individual. On the other hand, they can cause just as much stress, how much and joy, and therefore, it is important to understand how these negative effects affect our health and well-being,» concludes Fisher.