The Central Bank has demanded from Ananiev to sell the Bank «Revival», learned media

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in photobacteria Ananiev. Archival photoThe Central Bank has demanded from Ananiev to sell the Bank «Revival», learned media© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva the image Bank

The Bank of Russia demands from the ex-beneficiaries Promsvyazbank brothers Ananyev to sell a controlling stake in the Bank until mid-February, the newspaper «Kommersant».

According to the publication, 16 January the head of the Board of Directors of «Renaissance» Otar Margania met with the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Vladimir Talinum and Deputy controller Olga Polyakova to discuss the future of the Bank. «The meeting clearly indicated that the Ananiev brothers should come out from among the Bank’s shareholders no later than mid-February, the Central Bank will ensure that it was not a formal deal,» he told the newspaper, a source familiar with the meeting.

As noted by another source, the Central Bank is extremely dissatisfied with the circumstances of the breakup Ananyev with PSB and requires, in particular, the change not only owners, but also the team’s «Rebirth», so there are no more managers associated brothers Angevine. Question about immediate selling of «Revival» was set by the controller immediately after the decision on the transfer PSB to Fund the consolidation of the banking sector Central Bank (FCBS) on December 15, the newspaper writes. By law it must be implemented within 90 days, but in this case, the regulator has tightened the requirements on the date of execution of the orders. Ananeva and have started negotiations on the sale of «Revival» even before the loss of the PSB, but still they were unsuccessful.

According to the interlocutor of the newspaper, in the fall of Ananeva discussed the possibility of selling the package Otaru Morganii that until 2015 owned a blocking stake of the Bank and sold it Ananyev, with the possibility of future repurchase, but the regulator has not approved this option. The possibility of selling «Renaissance» was also discussed with Alfa-Bank, Sovcombank and the Bank «URALSIB» and VTB group. In such a situation with a high probability the order will fail and the Bank will come under temporary administration of the Central Bank, the newspaper said.

The Bank of Russia in December announced a reorganization of the PSB. Central Bank decided not to impose a moratorium on satisfaction of requirements of creditors, and the Bank continues to work normally. Bank Vozrozhdenie is in the group of PSB.