The Czech Prime Minister was stripped of parliamentary immunity

© REUTERS / David W Cerny/File PhotoПремьер-Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish. Archival photoThe Czech Prime Minister was stripped of parliamentary immunity© REUTERS / David W Cerny/File Photo

The Czech Parliament has deprived the Prime Minister and billionaires Andrew Babish parliamentary immunity.

Without immunity, also left his colleague Yaroslav Faltynek.

The Czech police suspect two politicians in the fraud. The investigation is conducted in 2015 and due to the receipt by the firm of Babish EU grants in the amount of two million euros.

For the deprivation of their immunity was voted by the MPs of all factions, except the ANO movement, which is founded and headed by Babish. In October the movement with a large margin won the election in Parliament, so the President miloš Zeman has instructed the Babish to form a government.

However, because of the investigation, which, according to the Prime Minister, initiated his political opponents, the party refused to cooperate with him. He was forced to form a minority Cabinet, which included representatives of the ANO and non-partisan experts.

This week, Parliament expressed distrust of the government, which then announced the resignation. The President, as expected, intends to adopt it on January 24.

Earlier, Zeman said that he would give the Babish another attempt to form a Cabinet, and the investigation against the Prime Minister he called a «police provocation».

He Babish has not excluded that to head a new Cabinet may nominate another representative ANO. This variant of the movement’s leadership will discuss on Monday.

«Stork’s nest»

Forbes magazine estimates the state premiere at $ 4.5 billion, the Foundation of his business Empire — the largest in Eastern Europe, the agricultural holding Agrofert.

As noted by the Czech media, in 2008 Babish allocated from the holding company one, renamed the farm «stork’s Nest», and made her subsidies of the European Union. The subsidy is intended for small and medium companies involved in tourism business.

After receiving the money the farm once again became a part of Agrofert.