The FSC began gathering of reservists

© RIA Novosti / Dan Levirate in photobackpack DNR in the Donetsk region. Archival photoThe FSC began gathering of reservists© RIA Novosti / Dan Levirate the image Bank

Gathering of reservists began in the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic, said Friday at a briefing acting head of the national police LNR Michael Filonenko.

«This week in the Republic began the planning sessions with the reservists. Special attention in the course fees is paid to the ability of military units organized to take personnel inventory and organization of comprehensive support», — said Filimonenko.

According to him, with reservists will be conducted classes for the training of specialists and officers. The representative of the defense Ministry said that this week, with the units of the LPR militia conducted classes on tactical, fire and special training, as well as the control classes at the military medical and topographical training.

«Conducted practical shooting and coordination of platoons, which were worked out various tactical tasks in the conduct of the defense and conducting counterattacks,» said Filimonenko.The FSC began gathering of reservistsThe implementation of the Minsk agreements