«Turetsky choir» is going in may to speak at the UN and in times square in new York

© Photo : official website of «Turetsky Choir» Art group Turetsky Choir. Archive photo«Turetsky choir» is going in may to speak at the UN and in times square in new York© Photo : official website of «Turetsky Choir»

«Turetsky choir» is going to speak in may in the building of the United Nations (UN) and on the main square of new York city- times square, said RIA Novosti art Director of the musical group Mikhail Turkish.

As Turkish said during a visit to new York to work out the details of the planned concert, a band would like to perform the famous war songs, American songs and world hits.

«We are trying now to get permission from the mayor of new York. It is a difficult task, but impossible is possible. I think that this will happen during the celebration of Victory Day. We planned to may 9 to make the concert on the square of the Belarusian station (Moscow), may 10 to make it in tel Aviv, at night to fly to the US and the UN building, in the huge hall where the meetings are held, to do a concert for the representatives of the UN, and already the number 12, Saturday, in the evening to go out. And to do this in times square,» said a Turkish.

He said that it will «absolutely free outdoor concert for the people».

«We will use all our resources: we have two teams, the men’s team, «Turetsky Choir», and we still have a women’s team called «SOPRANO,» said a Turkish.

«All the music that can be performed to the audience on the street is rock, jazz, classic and famous songs of victory will sound in the combined program. Therefore, it will be such an event, which, probably, there has never been. For us the support of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, and I hope the mayor of new York city, and this project is supported by the President of the Russian Federation and the government of Moscow», — said the Agency interlocutor.

Turkish has acknowledged that this is a fairly difficult political task is to make this a significant event in the Central square of new York.

«But this is public diplomacy and soft power», — he said.

In addition, as Turkish said, he met with the Russian Ambassador to the USA Anatoly Antonov, and he invited the team to speak in Washington. «We are ready. And we want the concert at the Capitol» — with a smile said the head of «Turetsky Choir».