China accused the U.S. Navy of violating the territorial waters

© Photo : United States NavyРакетный destroyer USS Hopper of the U.S. Navy. Archive photoChina accused the U.S. Navy of violating the territorial waters© Photo : United States Navy

China accused the U.S. Navy that the American missile destroyer Hopper without permission entered its territorial waters near the disputed island of Huangyan in the South China sea. Beijing sees this as a violation of sovereignty and basic norms of international relations, said the official representative of Chinese foreign Ministry Lu Kang.

«The evening of January 17 the us destroyer entered the waters of China at 12 nautical miles from the island of Huangyan without the permission of the Chinese government. The Chinese Navy in accordance with a law made against an American ship check «friend or foe» and a warning that he had departed from the water,» — said in a statement.

Ministry of foreign Affairs said that the actions of the American ship undermine the sovereignty and interests of China’s security and violate basic norms of international relations. In addition, they have seriously jeopardized the security of Chinese ships and sailors in the area.

«China in this regard, expressed serious dissatisfaction, intends to take all necessary action to ensure its sovereignty,» — said Lou Kahn.

He added that China respects and ensures the freedom of navigation and flight in the South China sea for all countries, however, opposed actions that could cause «damage to the sovereignty and security interests of China».

«We strongly urge the US to immediately correct their mistake and to stop such provocations, in order not to damage bilateral relations and regional peace and stability», — concluded the spokesman.

The Ministry of defense of China also made a statement. It is noted that the entry of the American ship into the waters near China reefs has become a threat for aviation shipborne both sides, and China’s national security and peace in the region. The official representative of Department At Qian expressed the hope that the US will respect the sovereignty of China and will not create «artificial incidents».

Beijing for decades lead disputes with several countries in Asia and the Pacific over Islands in the South China sea, on the shelf which revealed a significant hydrocarbon reserves. We are talking primarily about the Huangyan Islands (Scarborough reef), Nansha (Spratly) and Xisha archipelago (Paracel Islands). USA are not a party to the dispute, but do not recognize China’s claim and insist on their right of «free navigation» in the area.