Every Buryat school will work psychologist

© Video still of the RF IC in the Republic of Baracunatana school in Buryatia. 19 January 2018Every Buryat school will work psychologist© video Frame of the RF IC in the Republic of Buryatia

One hundred percent of the schools of Buryatia in the near future will be provided in-house or coming as a psychologist after the attack at school, Ulan-Ude, told reporters the head of the Republic Alexei Tsydenov.

«The situation is generally caused by the environment, things that affect the psychological situation.. Pay attention to strengthening the work of psychologists… Computer games, social networks and the availability of different resources with provocative content, of course, affects… And work on preventing the most important in this case,» said Tsydenov.

According to him, decided to strengthen the psychological service in schools.

«To ensure that the psychologist was in each school, 100% of schools in the near future. If the school was large — staff psychologist, if little — cometh «, he added.

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