Faced with the Philippine ship, the destroyer arrived in port in the US for repair

© AP Photo / Eugene Noti destroyer Fitzgerald after a collision with a merchant vessel. 17 Jun 2017Faced with the Philippine ship, the destroyer arrived in port in the US for repair© AP Photo / Eugene Hoshiko

American destroyer USS Fitzgerald arrived in the port city of Pascagoula, Mississippi for repairs after colliding in mid-June with the Philippine container ship, reported on the website of the U.S. Navy.

According to the information provided, the Agency intends to make repairs and upgrades of control systems and combat vehicle systems, including radar and communications, intelligence and electronic warfare. Work and testing of the updated system is scheduled for completion by mid-2019.

On the morning of 17 June, the security service of the sea port of Shimoda in Shizuoka Prefecture, the Japanese received a message about the collision of the American destroyer USS Fitzgerald (length 154 meters, displacement — 8,3 thousand tons) and the Philippine container ship (length — 222,6 meters, a displacement of — 29 thousand tons) ACX Crystal 20 kilometers from the coast. As a result of collision seven American sailors of the 300 were killed, three wounded, both ships were damaged.

The results of the investigation of the incident, the commander and two senior officers of the USS Fitzgerald was discharged from military service, and 9 seamen punished.