In «Transneft», said the land reclamation in the area of emergency near Saratov

© Photo : courtesy of MOE Russia in the Saratov region are working to eliminate the consequences of the burst of the oil pipeline. January 19, 2018In «Transneft», said the land reclamation in the area of emergency near Saratov© photo : courtesy of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia

Reclamation of agricultural land in the village, Krasnoarmeyskiy, Saratov region, whose streets poured burning oil after an accident on the main oil pipeline is planned to be held during the year, announced Saturday Director General of JSC «Transneft Volga region» Andrey Suvak.

«It will be developed by the project reclamation of agricultural land, which will allow you to restore the fertile soil layer. These work in accordance with the project carried out in warm season, so will be delayed by about a year», — quotes the words Suvaka press-service of administration of the Engels district of Saratov region.

According to him, the village completed the cleaning of oil contaminated soil and technical recultivation carried out.

In a press-service of administration noted that Suvak at the gathering of citizens in local on Saturday, brought the residents a public apology for the accident.

Thursday on the main oil pipeline company «Transneft» Kuibyshev-Tihoretsk near the village of krasnoarmeyskoye is made of oil and fire. The fire is extinguished. According to Rosprirodnadzor, the area of the oil-spill amounted to two thousand square meters, output of oil amounted to about two thousand cubic meters.

Affected 10 houses, two of which were completely burned, no injuries. Local authorities plan before March 1, pay compensation to the victims. One family, the authorities plan to move into a new apartment until 3 February. In «Transneft» the preliminary cause of the accident on the oil pipeline called the defect of the weld. The spilled oil is already collected, and contaminated soil was removed. To complete the repair of the pipeline is scheduled for 18.00 GMT Sunday.