Prague authorities told about the poor condition of the Charles bridge

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty in Photobacterium bridge. Archival photoPrague authorities told about the poor condition of the Charles bridge© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty the image Bank

Most of the bridges over the Vltava river in the territory of Prague including the famous Charles bridge are in a poor state, information about Technical communications authority (TUK) was transferred to the magistrate of the city, reported Friday RIA Novosti the representative of the TUK Barbora Liskova.

«Friday morning was closed for use Libensky the bridge connecting the city center with Prague-8, he’s already a very long time is in a very poor condition and is subject to serious reconstruction. In addition, recently closed a bridge in the district of Nové Butovice and terminated access to pedestrians at the railway bridge,» said Liskova.

Serious attention to the state of more than 100 of the 700 located in the city of bridges and pedestrian crossings over the river and railway track Prague authorities were forced to pay after 2 December last year fell lightweight concrete bridge connecting the right Bank of the Vltava river with the Imperial island near the centre of the Czech capital. Were at that moment on the bridge, four people received injuries of varying severity.

Having to deal with the causes of the fall of this building, the magistrate requested in the TPC data on the state of the other bridges and at the same time beginning to take security measures in the operation of the most used ones.

It is expected that in addition to Livenskogo will be subjected to serious reconstruction, the palacký bridge, located in the historical centre, will be temporarily stopped movement of trams on Hlavkova bridge.

According to the document TUK available to RIA Novosti, the sixth category, implying a very bad technical condition, related 23 bridge, including the famous Charles bridge, which has more than 600-year history. In a fifth category («poor condition») consists of 99 bridges, including all the other bridges over the Vltava in the city center: Manusov, Geraskov, Czechs and Legia, as well as the Barrandov bridge, which is the main road for trucks to detour the city centre.

«I don’t want to spread panic, but this, unfortunately, is a very serious matter. The technical condition of the bridges in Prague is much worse than expected, the city government, and especially its people», — wrote in the social network Facebook member of the leadership of the magistrate Matej Stropnicky.

According to his colleagues Peter Dolinka, over the past three years, the reconstruction of Prague’s several bridges, but in General the solution to this problem largely rests on the lack of this money from the magistrate.