The CPS will provide legal assistance poisoned at school.

© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera in photobacteria. Archival photoThe CPS will provide legal assistance poisoned at school.© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera the image Bank

The CPS will provide legal assistance to the victims of the poisoning in the cadet school in Lyubertsy, told journalists in a press-Department service.

«The administration of Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow region brings to the attention of affected students (or their legal representatives) of the MOU «Cadet school» G. O. Lyubertsy readiness to take part in their judicial protection», — said the Agency.

In order for the office delivered to the court with a claim, you must make a written request to his Ramenskiy territorial division.

The office drew attention to the need to retain all receipts (receipts) for payment of drugs and other medical services rendered and confirming all that can be attributed to the so-called missed benefit.

«In the case of an appeal to the judiciary for protection of their violated rights you are also entitled to apply to the court with the statement for attraction of Rospotrebnadzor (its territorial body) as the authorized Federal body of Executive power on control (supervision) in the field of consumer protection to give an opinion in a civil case in order to protect the rights of consumers (for filing a claim, this is achieved by incorporating state of the body composition of the participants in the case, after the initiation of appropriate civil proceedings — a separate claimant’s statement),» said the Agency.

Also in Rospotrebnadzor said that the refusal of the court in this engagement that, among other things, provides additional grounds for cancellation of the decision in the case of its adoption is not in favor of the consumer, the citizen may until the end of the proceedings on the merits to apply directly to the Moscow Department of Rospotrebnadzor with a request to join the case to give this conclusion in a civil case.

This assistance is free of charge, said the Agency.