The first day after the state of emergency in Buryatiya: children operated on, schools will hire chop

© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Ogorodnikova in photobacteria school No. 5 in the district Sosnovy Bor the city of Ulan-Ude, where the attack occurredThe first day after the state of emergency in Buryatiya: children operated on, schools will hire chop© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Ogorodnikova the image Bank

Doctors on Saturday operated on the most severe victims of the attack on a school in Ulan-Ude. The Republican government after the emergency has decided to introduce in every school in the transmission mode and to increase the staff of psychologists.

The attack on the pupils of the seventh grade of school # 5 in the district Sosnovy Bor the city of Ulan-Ude took place on Friday morning. According to SK the Russian Federation, student of 9th class was thrown into the study of Russian language and literature a bottle with an incendiary mix, and then attacked the students and the teacher.

According to the latest data, injured seven people, including the attacker himself, the teacher and students. A criminal case on grounds of crimes under articles «attempt at murder of two and more persons committed in respect of minors» and «negligence».

Children operated

On Saturday in Ulan-Ude arrived physicians from St. Petersburg — micro surgeon, neurosurgeons and neiroreanimation. They operated brush one of the injured girl and neurosurgical injury to another who is in a coma.

Chief doctor of the Center of medicine of accidents of Buryatia Vyacheslav Timkin told RIA Novosti that seven of the victims two children are in serious condition and one in critical. However, everyone, according to him, there is a positive trend.

The Minister of health of Buryatia Dubinina of Sambuev noted that the girl, who remains in a coma connected to a ventilator. She will need plastic surgery, it will be at the expense of budgetary funds after she gets out of the serious condition. The Minister also said that the suspect in the attack, the student is in serious condition. «Had surgery, he has a positive trend. He’s conscious and talking,» said Sambuev.

According to him, the teenager will stay in the hospital at least 10 days. The teacher and the other victims, besides the two heavy girls, the condition improves.

Every school — psychologist

After this incident, the question arose about the work of psychologists in schools across the country. State Duma Deputy from Buryatia Aldar Damdinov, said that the decision to increase the staff of psychologists at the Russian schools already accepted. He also noted that there is a question about the qualification of these professionals.

Damdinov stressed that it is also proposed that monitoring of social networks together with Roskomnadzor. According to him, the incident is systemic in nature. Speaking about the relationship of such incidents in Russian schools, Damdinov noted that if guys acted on one scenario.

The head of Buryatia Alexey Tsydenov said that soon every school in the Republic will be a psychologist — permanent or comes. At school, where was an emergency, the psychologist is. According to Tzudenova, he worked before with a teenager who staged the attack, but he had not aroused suspicion.

Tsydenov also promised to strengthen the work with families in the region, as, in his opinion, «aggression of the child is generated primarily due to problems in the family.» In addition, the head of the region said that in every school in Buryatia will be organized in the transmission mode. At the entrance will be on duty or employee of chop, or employee of the school. The money for these purposes will allocate from the budget of the Republic.

«Quiet and normal»

Teacher Irina Ramenskiy who tried to save children during the attack, is in hospital. On Saturday she was visited by the advisors of Ombudsman for children Anna Kuznetsova Mikhail Orlov, Dmitry Nekorkin and children’s Ombudsman in the Republic of Buryatia Tatiana, Wesevich.

Wesevich reported that the teacher and the child as a victim by a special resolution of the authorities of the city will be paid pecuniary compensation in monetary terms. Also the Ombudsman after the conclusion of doctors and end of treatment will likely put the question on the allocation of Spa vouchers to the teacher.

She said that I never would have thought that the suspect in the attack, the student can do that.

«Quiet, normal-looking boy. Yes would he the deuce! I can’t understand why he did. As I close my eyes standing in the eyes: fire, smoke, as he lit up the class. Only one thought was how to save the children,» said the teacher.

Earlier a row of mass media wrote that the motive for the attack could be obtained two. The students were told RIA Novosti that the teenager was on fours and fives, but recently got two.

In the school building where the attack occurred, investigations are continuing. The authorities promise that on Monday school will resume.

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