The Kuban authorities have argued with men about the wine

© Depositphotos / samotrebizanДевушка with a glass of red wine. Archival photoThe Kuban authorities have argued with men about the wine© Depositphotos / samotrebizan

The intention of the Governor of Krasnodar Krai Veniamin Kondratiev to make local wine popular in the world caused a sharp criticism of the movement «Sober Russia», intended to romanticize the alcohol. The winemakers of the region, in turn, cause a lot of arguments in his defense, mentioning the Bible and the works of scientists.

The best in the world

As stated by Kondratyev in an interview with RIA Novosti, the amount of land in the region occupied by vineyards, it is planned to gradually increase, using high-quality seedlings. The Governor recalled that in 2017 in Temryuk district opened the country’s largest vine nursery, the first results of which already have – Kuban seedlings are now growing on the territory of Anapa.

By 2020, the same investors are planning to open a new plant for the production of wine and wine tourism centre. And this is another way to earn the trust of the consumers, the Governor said. It is expected that 2018 will be available for about 80 of the city in which it will be possible to visit the factories and ensure the quality of the Kuban wines.

«I am absolutely certain that the wine is manufactured in Krasnodar region, will be one of the best in the world», — said Kondratiev.

Do not romanticize

The head of the Federal project «Sober Russia» Sultan Hamzaev has urged the Governor of Kuban not to romanticize wine, and focus on the country’s supply of fresh food. He expressed the opinion that he does not consider wine a part of agriculture.

«Agriculture must provide the population with food, but not alcohol. But what, of course, is wine, so it is part of the alcohol market,» — said RIA Novosti Khamzayev. He gave details of the project on the ranking of sobriety, according to which in 2017 the Krasnodar region took the 70th place in the country.

The French paradox

The Department of technology of wine and fermentation industries KubGTU reporters cited a decree of the government of the Russian Federation, according to which the wine belongs to the agricultural products, and not to alcohol. Winemakers, in turn, recalled that in southern Europe the lowest mortality rate from heart disease because of the relatively large per capita consumption of wine.

«World famous «French paradox» and other factors that confirm the beneficial effects of moderate wine consumption by adults are no contraindications for health reasons», — told reporters CEO of JSC APF «Fanagoria» Peter Romanishin.

The therapeutic properties of wine, he said, was known in antiquity, and they are described in modern books. In addition, the wine in all of human history was accompanied by the solemn moments in a person’s life, and hundreds of times is mentioned in the Bible, he said.

That is not the measure, to the detriment of

Winemakers accentuate that quality wine is an alternative to alcoholic consumption that occurs in the absence of a culture of drinking. «We need to differentiate product from cheap foreign wort or wine and real grape wine» — say in ZAO APK «Gelendzhik».

In addition, excessive consumption of any product including sugar and salt, leads to negative health effects. There is a proverb: «That is not the measure of that harm», — reminded in OOO «Millstream — black sea Wines».

The introduction of any restrictions on the production and sale of wines, according to JSC «Kuban vine» cause in society not only tension, but will contribute to the development of the illegal trafficking of alcoholic beverages.