Women trump: the main mystery of the White house

© AP Photo / Manuel Balce CenetaПрезидент USA Donald trump. Archival photoWomen trump: the main mystery of the White house© AP Photo / Manuel Balce Ceneta

The family of the President of the United States Donald trump completes his first year in the White house. Although the image of the wife of President Barack Obama, Michelle is really difficult to outshine the stars out of Melanie trump over the past year has increased, despite her extremely rare public appearance — today, 54% of Americans positively assess their first lady.

Born in Slovenia in 1970, the ex-model Melania trump became the first foreigner in the post First lady of the United States for more than two centuries. She came to the White house after the hugely popular Michelle Obama, and this fact alone, even leaving aside the ambiguity of Donald trump, made the task ahead to win the hearts of Americans extremely difficult. In fairness, it is not clear yet, does the very Melanya this goal.

As evidenced by the December opinion poll, conducted by Gallup, ranking first ladies in the past year increased, despite her extremely rare public appearance. Today, 54% of Americans positively assess their first lady. For comparison, after winning trump’s election is an opinion expressed about it, only 37% of the population.

According to analysts, despite the fact that the growth in popularity after the first year in the White house, as well as a significant advantage in popularity over husband the President, is traditional for all predecessors of Melanie trump, her popularity in the same period inferior to that of Hillary Clinton (58%), Laura Bush (77%) and Michelle Obama (61%).

The image of the wife of President Barack Obama, Michelle is really difficult to outshine. Michelle was a kind of people’s first lady – the first black mistress of the White house was won by the frankness, familiarity, confidence and ease at the same time.

«She (Melanie) is followed by a very strong Michelle Obama, which was warm, genuinely devoted to children, education, (yet) she loses in this comparison, it can, over time, realizes itself in the project or any initiative, through which it will be more visible and maybe the public will be able to know her better and the situation will improve, but until she loses,» — said in an interview with RIA Novosti University Professor rider, the expert and author of publications about the spouses of U.S. presidents Myra Gutin.

The main reason for the smaller than its predecessors, the popularity of trump experts call what the Americans still don’t know their first lady. «It is very difficult to assess its first year (the White house), primarily because we saw her very little, much less than any other first lady in our memory,» said Gutin.

A political Amateur

The expert believes that limited to the present time the public activity of Melanie trump partly due to the fact that, unlike her predecessors, she is not a professional politician. The interviewee of the Agency reminded that the first lady like Laura and Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton was the experience of «work» the first lady of the United States or the wives of the Ambassador and therefore «they had a better idea of what awaits them in Washington.» The Melania trump, in the past was a model and the wife of a businessman, but not a leading politician.

In addition, noted the Agency interlocutor, we should not forget that English is not your native first lady of America. As recognized itself Melanya before the election, in addition to his native Slovenian, she speaks English, Italian, German and Serbian. Despite the veneer of tolerance of Americans, to their language, they are zealous, and the focus of the future first lady has repeatedly played up in Comedy shows on TV to win the trump in the election.

«Of course, it can convey the meaning of his words, but I’m not sure that she fully feels comfortable (speaking English), which can also influence the decision about her participation in different activities,» said Gutin.

The Melania trump over the past year repeatedly performed in front of large audiences, including at the UN, but all these speeches have been read by her, and a rare interview was recorded. The most natural dialogues in a foreign for her language Melanya conducted with the children at various events in the White house, and during her visits to hospitals or schools.

Observers have noted that to date the first lady showed the greatest sincerity and comfort while interacting with children. «It seems that it manifests itself best when she is with children, it demonstrates its naturalness, sociability, we do not see this in other moments,» says Gutin.

Sleepy beauty and ceremonial wife

Over the past year, very rarely you could see the natural smile of Melanie or feel what is actually her emotions. Meanwhile, observers agree that the most confidently and freely, the wife of the President of the United States feels during foreign visits.

«I consider it a ceremonial first lady: what she does, greeting guests at the White house, travel abroad. And I agree that she looks very comfortable on the world stage, maybe this is due to the fact that there is criticism-free media, which is here,» says Professor Gutin.

In the U.S., the infrequent appearance of the first lady in public accompanied by her «model face», used to smile no matter what happens in the shower. Even when ten-year-old son Barron ugly swung in her direction instead of respond to points raised in a gesture of «high five» hand on the inauguration of his father, Melanie has maintained a call center smile.

In General that concern for the son was the stated priority of Melanie trump before her husband’s victory in the elections. It explained his almost complete absence at campaign rallies, and school son almost six months, postponed his move to Washington, which was negatively perceived by the public. Perhaps observers believe, that the Barron and today the first lady dedicates his time in the White house.

Women trump: the main mystery of the White house© AP Photo / Evan VucciНе wait! Donald Trump will have enough health to presidential croqu contrast to their predecessors, for the year of her husband as President of the Melania trump and was not identified with the traditional first lady of the United States program. Her predecessor, Michelle Obama advocated for healthier food, Laura Bush for the fight against illiteracy and for education and early childhood development, Hillary Clinton during his tenure in the White house was involved in the reform of health and equal opportunity of the sexes. About what will be the Melania trump, who promised earlier to deal with the problem of bullying in social networks, is not known.

«She’s a very beautiful woman, but we have not seen any initiative on her part… I haven’t seen any evidence that it plays any role in the administration. Its ceremonial focus,» emphasizes Gutin, adding that experts are wondering whether it will publish any initiative in 2018.Women trump: the main mystery of the White house© Integrationaliste US President

Failed command, or lack thereof?

Women trump: the main mystery of the White house© AP Photo / Andrew Nagpur compared the actions of the team of the trump course Obamamania experts about what was the worst moment for the first year of Melanie in the White house, dispersed. So, Gutin said that the image of the first lady suffered greatly when she went to post-hurricane Texas in high heels-stiletto heels. «It was a foolish mistake that resulted in a lot of negative publications», — said the Professor.

Another «bright» moment was the debate between Melanie trump’s first wife Ivana trump, who said in a television interview that the real first lady of America is it because in regular contact with the White house behind his current wife. The press service of Melanie then disavowed the words of his first wife trump, reproaching her in her attempts to draw attention to his new book.

Women trump: the main mystery of the White house© AP Photo / Pablo Martinez MonsivaisПутин: the Obama administration is stopping Trump to fulfil the promises made narodowych noted in this regard, the expert in the secret life of White house journalist and the author of several books about first lady Kate Andersen Brower, the first lady should not respond to injections from its predecessor. «I think she should get a large number of assistants, to avoid (in the future) of such pitfalls,» said Andersen Brower in an interview with USA Today.

Opinion on lack of «political sense» and the lack of support of the first lady from professionals in PR and political technologies, echoed by other experts. For comparison, as reported by Gutin, Michelle Obama was surrounded by about 19 members of her team, the office of Melanie trump now consists of ten people.

First daughter

Women trump: the main mystery of the White house© 2018 AFP / Nicholas Kamm Analyst: one argument in favor of impeachment trump became miniszewski after the election of trump’s media has speculated on the fact that the informal first lady of the USA may be the President’s daughter Ivanka. Soon after the inauguration Ivanka, along with her husband Jared Kushner was appointed Advisor to the President of the trump that formally cemented her place in the White house. Today, Ivanka, mother of three of the nine grandchildren of trump, is an adviser to the President on job creation, economic empowerment and business.

«At first it seemed like Ivanka trump can perform the function of first lady, but now I can’t see,» the Professor said Gutin. In her view, in recent years, according to media reports, Ivanka, who is only 11 years younger than his stepmother, and less visible to the General public. Meanwhile, the President’s daughter, not his wife, led last Tuesday in Washington, a Symposium on opportunities for women.

Women trump: the main mystery of the White house© AP Photo / Evan VucciНичего, in addition to analysis. Trump will prove to US that this jivota how close the relationship between two of the most approximate to the President today are women, it is not known virtually nothing. They both very kindly about each other, often participate in official events hand in hand, but how close the wife and daughter of the President, which is shared by only eleven years difference, we can only guess.

In addition to trump, however, they definitely share a love for stiletto heels and trendy outfits. The Melanya, which is behind career in Paris and Milan, despite the honorary post of first lady of America, still prefer expensive European designers, do not hesitate to go against the Pro-American policies of his wife and fashion habits of their predecessors. First year as first lady she held as considered necessary, and whether the program — time will tell.Women trump: the main mystery of the White house© Infographicsrussia President of the United States