Died bassist of The Kinks and The Zombies Jim Rockford

© AP Photo / Amy Nugget The Kinks and The Zombies Jim Rockford. Archival photoDied bassist of The Kinks and The Zombies Jim Rockford© AP Photo / Amy Harris

The bass guitarist of the famous British rock groups The Kinks and The Zombies Jim Rockford died on 77-m to year of life.

The musician died on January 20. According to the statement of the founder of The Zombies kind of Argenta the official Twitter of the group, the exact cause of death Rockford is not yet established.

«I’m very sorry to learn that my dear cousin and friend of a lifetime Jim Rockford died this morning after falling down the stairs,» said Argent. The guitarist died shortly after his last played a concert at the Zombies.

Schedule of the tour group this year booked several months in advance. It was planned that the musicians will perform in new York, Atlanta, Chicago and many other U.S. cities, as well as in the canadian Niagara falls. Tickets for many concerts are already sold out, the sale is still open.

My condolences also expressed by the founder of The Kinks Dave Davies.

«I am devastated by the sudden loss of Jim. I’m too broken to formulate an idea. This is such a shock, I always thought that Jim will live forever,» he wrote in his microblog on Twitter.

Jim Rockford became interested in music in the late 1950-ies. He helped to found the band the Zombies in 1961, but at first rejected the offer to become a member, though, and helped musicians at first. To The Kinks, he joined in the late 1970s, remaining a member until the collapse in 1996. Finally, after that, he became part of The Zombies together with his son Steve.