Died in Prague of another woman who was injured in the fire at the hotel

© REUTERS / Milan Kammermayer Rescuers at the scene of the fire at the hotel in Prague, Czech Republic. 20 January 2018Died in Prague of another woman who was injured in the fire at the hotel© REUTERS / Milan Kammermayer

In Prague died on the second Sunday of the woman who was in critical condition after Saturday fire in the hotel Eurostars David in the center of the city, the total number of victims of the fire was 4, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the Prague Optional hospital Michal Schneider.

In the centre of Prague on Saturday evening a fire occurred in a 4-star hotel Eurostars David. As a result of fire 4 people died and 7 people were injured, including three seriously. As reported by RIA Novosti the representative of the Prague police, Jan Danek, the nationality of the two women, who died on Sunday, the police has not yet established. About the other victims, including two dead, police know that they are citizens of France, Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea and Turkey.

«This morning died the second of the two women admitted to the hospital Saturday night in critical condition. Data about their nationality from the staff, no, this issue deals with the police,» said Schneider on Sunday.

All the wounded in case of fire are distributed on the Prague hospitals. About 40 people that smoke inhalation, was treated on the spot. Those residents who did not need hospitalization, were placed by the owners of Eurostars David in another of which they owned the hotel in the centre of Prague. The cause of the fire was the malfunction of ventilation on the ground floor of the hotel.