Macedonia will determine the new name of the country in a referendum

© Flickr / keepwaddling1Македония. Archival photoMacedonia will determine the new name of the country in a referendum© Flickr / keepwaddling1

The final decision on the dispute with Greece and a new name for their state Macedonia will in a national referendum, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

«You see that there is a transparent process, we want decisions based on national consensus, and that in the end it was confirmed by the citizens in a referendum», — quotes the words zaeva the website of the Macedonian government.

Macedonia maintains a long dispute about the name of your state with the neighboring Greece, which had dragged on since the collapse of Yugoslavia in 1991. Greece seeks to change the name of the Republic to avoid confusion with the bordering Greek region of Macedonia, and blocks the entry of Skopje in the EU and NATO. The name with which the country was admitted to the UN in 1993, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), is not too happy Athens.

In the absence of solutions Greece blocks Macedonia’s accession to NATO and rapprochement with the EU, which is a major foreign policy goal of the Macedonian authorities.

Negotiations about the name are conducted with the mediation of the special representative of the UN Secretary General, Matthew Nimitz. The final agreement between the two countries, which, as the Prime Minister said zaeva, must still be confirmed by Macedonia in the referendum, expected in the current year.

Version possible new name for the former Yugoslav Republic is not announced officially. However, the media in the region, citing informed sources reported that at the moment, was five variants: Republic of New Macedonia Republic of Northern Macedonia, Republic of Upper Macedonia, Vardarska Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Macedonia (Skopje).