Peskov told about your red pants: this is in opposition to grey days

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything in photobanks Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. Archival photoPeskov told about your red pants: this is in opposition to grey days© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything the image Bank

Red pants is in defiance of the grey days, said press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

Earlier, in 2016, social networks appeared photo Peskov, where press Secretary, dressed in ugg boots and red pants, waiting for the car in a car wash.

«This is in opposition to the grindstone. In defiance of the fact that we have a deficit of the sun,» — said Peskov in the «actors with Naila Asker-zade,» on the channel «Russia 1», answering the question about bright things in the wardrobe, in particular, red pants and shorts.

«Few colors, we have a few colors. I love the sea, love the sun, I love saturated colors. Because I believe that there must be a lot in life,» he said.

This Peskov said that he has several of these tracksuits, which he prefers to wear on the weekend. He also stressed that the weekend had come.

«Well, most often, Sunday, Sunday — closed if there is no mission if there are no events. Sometimes it happens that working on Sunday, because, of course, a program of the President, it does exclude some weekend here. But most of Sunday getting the rest you need… Accumulated such a quantity of some domestic and family matters that Sunday have half a day to spend on their decision,» — said the press Secretary of the President.