Police called a possible cause of a head-on collision of cars near Tula

© Photo : AGN «Moscow»the Staff of traffic police and ambulance at the accident scene. Archive photoPolice called a possible cause of a head-on collision of cars near Tula© Photo : AGN «Moscow»

Difficult weather conditions after a snowfall of steel possible cause of the accident in the Tula region, in which five people were killed and two others were injured, told RIA Novosti the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the region Andrey Yartsev.

Earlier, a source in emergency services of the region told RIA Novosti that three kilometers East of the village of Ivanovka on the highway Kurkino-Griboedova in the Tula region faced two cars. Seven people were injured, five of them, including a child, were killed.

Yartsev said that the message about the accident came at 18.30 GMT.

«According to preliminary information, occurred a head-on collision of two cars … At the moment there is information about five people killed in this accident, two people were injured, including one child. They were taken to the hospital,» — said the source.

Yartsev explained that one of the cars drove the family from the Lipetsk region. Who was driving the woman died and her husband and daughter 2014 birth injuries. What kind of people were in the other car remains to be seen, rooms the machine – local. The representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs said that among the dead there are no children.

«The alleged cause of the accident was severe weather conditions after the passage of the snow», — he stressed.

According to the interlocutor, the road where the tragedy happened is local, it did not manage to clean after a heavy snowfall. The machine failed to disperse, said Yartsev.

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