Private U.S. company Rocket Lab has delivered into orbit three satellites

© Photo : Shane Kimbrough/NASAВид to Earth from space. Archive photoPrivate U.S. company Rocket Lab has delivered into orbit three satellites© Photo : Shane Kimbrough/NASA

American private space company Rocket Lab has carried out Sunday’s successful launch of the carrier rocket «Electron» from the starting area in New Zealand, the rocket delivered to orbit three satellites for commercial customers, according to the website of the company.

«Rocket Lab successfully reached orbit in a test result of the second booster Elektron (called) Still Testing», — stated in the message of the company.

The rocket was launched from the Peninsula, Mahia in the North-East of New Zealand at 14.43 local time on Sunday (5.43 GMT). After 8 minutes 31 seconds after launch and the separation of the first and second stages Elektron «has reached orbit and delivered the commercial goods». As noted on the website of the company, one of the satellites in orbit, intended for the company Planet Lab, which makes images of the Earth from space, the other two for the company Spire, which has been collecting data from space to monitor the movement of ships and weather forecast.

In September 2016, Rocket Lab announced the completion of the world’s first private spaceport in New Zealand, which began in December of 2015. The company planned to use the cosmodrome to launch ultralight launch vehicles.

In may last year, the company carried out the first rocket launch of Elektron at the launch pad in New Zealand, but then could not get the rocket into orbit. It was reported that the main purpose of «Electron» Corporation is to deliver to orbit small satellites and other small loads. One of the features of a rocket is an engine created by the technology of bulk printing.