Schulz urged his party to vote for talks with the Alliance of Merkel

© AFP 2018 / John MacDougallЛидер SPD Martin Schulz at the Congress of the SPD in Berlin. Archival photoSchulz urged his party to vote for talks with the Alliance of Merkel© 2018 AFP / John MacDougall

The head of the German social-Democrats Martin Schulz called on Congress to vote for the beginning of coalition talks with the Alliance of the CDU/CSU, led by the current Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

«We are asking for your support of the start of coalition negotiations. I came eventually to the conclusion that membership in the coalition negotiations is justified,» said Schultz, adding that «two options are available — it should be clear to everyone in this room has represented what is it — the coalition talks or a new election, a new election for us will not be the right way».

He reminded the audience about the content of agreement on a five-day sensing between the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) and the CDU/CSU, adding that «the social Democrats have achieved a lot» and can implement as part of a future German government «a significant portion of his campaign promises.»

«With all due respect to the doubts felt by many of you, I’m asking you about trust. I am deeply convinced that what has developed in recent weeks, the new situation is a challenge for us in any context. The update process should go, but the country and the continent need strengthening of social-democratic policies,» said Schultz.

New Cabinet in Germany should be formed following the Bundestag elections held on September 24. The final decision on the start of coalition talks with the Alliance of the CDU/CSU will be taken at the Congress of the SPD on Sunday, January 21.

The leaders of all parties that took part in the five-day probing consultation about the beginning of coalition talks on forming a new German government, recommended that to start full negotiations. On 12 January said the party leaders — Angela Merkel of the Christian democratic Union (CDU), Martin Schulz from the SPD and Horst Seehofer of the Christian social Union (CSU).

Schulz, speaking on January 12 at a press conference in the headquarters of the SPD in Berlin, called the results of the probing consultation «excellent», and the content of the 28-page agreement signed with the centrist-conservative Alliance of the CDU/CSU on results «not rhetoric, but a serious agreement.» However, many members of the party stated that they are disappointed with the outcome of the preliminary consultation.