«Smoke, fire, blood»: wounded in the Buryat school teacher told about the incident

© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Ogorodnikova in fotomontagen school in Buryatia. 19 January 2018«Smoke, fire, blood»: wounded in the Buryat school teacher told about the incident© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Ogorodnikova the image Bank

Teacher Irina Ramenskiy injured in the attack on a school in Ulan-Ude, is gradually recovering and trying to understand the causes of the tragedy. About how all of this happened in the regular school day, and how will it work in this school then, the teacher told RIA Novosti.

The attack on the students of the 7th class of school №5 in the district Sosnovy Bor the city of Ulan-Ude took place on Friday. According to the SC, a student of 9th class was thrown into the study of Russian language and literature a bottle with an incendiary mix, and then attacked the students and the teacher. According to the latest data, injured seven people, including the attacker himself, the teacher and students.

There was so much blood

Irina is now in the General ward in the hospital of Ulan-Ude. In General, according to the doctors, she’s feeling much better, and it looks fresher. The woman is relatively lucky — the Molotov cocktail was almost at a tangent to her head, but still the damage is. The teacher bandaged head is healing stitched wound.

«In General became better, but always a headache. These days I can’t sleep, the doctors sedated… Psychologically I feel terrible when I think of this: smoke, fire, blood… there was so much Blood,» says Ramenskaya.

Irina has been working in this school since 1998. On Friday when the attack happened, was a normal lesson, she says.

«The door opened, I was hit on the head. Thrown purposefully… I even thought that the head burns, hair, then realized it was a lot of blood flowed,» — says the teacher.

After the fire started, everything was shrouded in smoke, and Ramensky began to evacuate the children.

«His (suspect) I immediately recognized… Then the unthinkable has happened, waving his axe… Then I thought, what have the kids back to make. It’s already bad I remember, was only a cry for help. Figures of teachers who fled through the corridor, I saw a blur,» says the interviewee.

The search for causes

Now, two days after the attack, Ramenskiy trying to understand the causes of the incident.

«If he was trying to avenge the two, this could be one reason. I put him twice, but no conflict because it does not exist», — said Irina.

According to her, she knows the suspect since the fifth grade. This year the teacher again began to teach his class, and in the Russian language the boy was between three and four.

«In the second quarter, it really launched the subject, and I gave him two. But the second quarter is not an indicator, it is not decisive, and the two can be corrected. It’s not an exam. Tell him: «Now you think about it, you’re going to do». And he didn’t answer, but the aggression after this incident, I have not seen from him,» — says the interviewee.

Ramenskaya notes that the teenager is «calm, never in conflict has not been noticed».

«But, again, if he wanted revenge why did he have children? He’d thrown the bottle, the fire occurred at all, took revenge on the teacher, could then escape…» — said Irina. In her words there is no anger, only confusion and misunderstanding of the causes of the situation.

On the question of whether it is after the recovery work at this school, Ramenskiy says he didn’t think about it. «As you thought… But I’ll probably continue to work there «, — said Irina.

Heavy security

A doctor from St. Petersburg, head of Department of pediatric neurosurgery of SSMIC them. Almazov William Khachatryan, who arrived in Buryatia to help the victims, told reporters that Ramenskiy on the chopped head wound.

«The bone was not injured, the wound is treated well, it will be a neat scar. She is now with a clear mind, maybe there is some emotional instability», — said Khachatryan.

«I don’t see any anger… I realized that this person in life is someone so hurt that someone wanted to do such a thing (attack — ed.)», — said the doctor.

The suspect in the attack is now being treated at the same hospital, and all the victims. Only it is guarded by a dozen police officers.

The hospital staff told RIA Novosti that when the teenager did not get up, it was guarded by three. Now that his condition has stabilized — he gets up and walks — it is guarded by about 15 people. Friday on the hospital grounds is not allowed outside the machine.

«And his guard, and protect him,» he added.

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