The court arrested the mayor of Makhachkala

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The Soviet district court of Makhachkala arrested the mayor of the city of Musa Musayev ten days before arraignment, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

Lawyers are appealing the decision. The representative of the court of Makhachkala, told RIA Novosti that if Musayev was charged, the sentence will increase by two months.

Mayor suspected of abuse of power. The damage from his actions to the budget of Dagestan was estimated at 80 million rubles.

The criminal case was initiated after the arrival in Dagestan of a group of 40 employees of the Prosecutor General and other departments for the inspection of local authorities and budget execution. On Friday in the mayor’s house were searched.

The investigation established that in March 2016 Musayev has signed the decision about allocation of the land plot with the area of 17.5 thousand square meters, which belonged to the Republic, the property of OAO «aspk» for 1.1 million rubles. According to expert opinion, the market value is more than 81 million rubles.

The criminal case was taken under control by the head of the UK Alexander Bastrykin.