Abbas urged the EU to soon recognize Palestine

© AP Photo / Emrah GurelПрезидент of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas. Archival photoAbbas urged the EU to soon recognize Palestine© AP Photo / Emrah Gurel

. The President of the Palestinian national authority (PNA) Mahmoud Abbas before a meeting with the foreign Ministers of countries-EU members called on the EU to soon recognize a Palestinian state, to encourage the Palestinians to continue to wait peacefully resolving the middle East problem.

«We respect the position of the EU. We do consider the EU a true partner and friend. We therefore call on its members to quickly recognize a Palestinian state. And confirm that there is no contradiction between the recognition and the resumption of negotiations,» Abbas told reporters before the meeting with the Ministers.

According to him, «it would have stimulated the Palestinian people continue to hope for peace and wait until the world will be installed». «This would open doors to the world and inspired the Palestinian people to continue to adhere to the culture of peace that exists over several generations,» — said the Palestinian leader.

He noted that the Palestinian side «will continue to deliver signed with other parties and with Israel’s agreement.»

«But at the same time we call on Israel to play its role and to implement those treaties. It is impossible to imagine that the treaties fulfil only one side,» said Abbas.

Earlier, commenting on expectations from the meeting with Abbas, a senior official told reporters that the recognition of the Palestinian state does not appear among the priorities on the agenda of the European Union. However, he noted that the meeting «one or two Ministers» can raise the issue, given that some EU countries have already recognized Palestine.

Disappointed in the prospects of peace talks with Israel, which were interrupted several years ago, the Palestinians are trying to move to independence, appealing to the international community and multilateral institutions for recognition of their statehood. The large success on this way was the acquisition five years ago of the status of «observer state» at the UN.

Israel calls these actions are unilateral steps, which are contrary to mutual agreements and hinder the negotiation process. He tries to prevent them by diplomatic means, and when that failed, repeatedly imposed sanctions against the Palestinians.

Palestinians seek settlement of the conflict with Israel in traditional international legal framework, which involves the creation of a Palestinian state in the 1967 borders, including East Jerusalem.

Abbas urged the EU to soon recognize Palestine© RIA Novosti, Infographiste-Israeli conflict