In Honduras during a new wave of protests killed the man

© AFP 2018 / ORLANDO SIERRAПолиция in Honduras. Archival photoIn Honduras during a new wave of protests killed the man© 2018 AFP / ORLANDO SIERRA

One person was killed, several were injured and hundreds were detained as a result of the protests, resumed in Honduras, against the re-election on the post of President Juan Orlando Hernandez.

According to the channel Telesur, the opposition blocked several roads with cars, stones and burning tires. Security forces of the country used tear gas.

The representative office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights in Honduras reported the death of one person and demanded to take immediate action to stop the violence. According to the UN, this occurred in the town of Saba in the North of Honduras during anti-government demonstrations, the deceased was shot.

Also wounded a correspondent of one of Iran’s media covering the event.

Last Friday, President Hernandez received the certificate of the head of state on a new four-year term. He was re-elected after the elections on 26 November, after which the opposition had organized powerful protests that turned into riots. Total killed at least 30 people. The protesters demanded a second round or a recount. Authorities imposed a curfew and suspended at the time of the constitutional guarantees of citizens ‘ rights.