In St. Petersburg, condemned the «black bankers», obiliceva more than 20 billion rubles

© Fotolia / EMPACK money. Archival photoIn St. Petersburg, condemned the «black bankers», obiliceva more than 20 billion rubles© Fotolia / SemA

Dzerzhinsky district court of St.-Petersburg has sentenced to conditional terms of ten members of a criminal group, which illegally cashed more than 21.5 billion rubles, said on Monday the United press service of the courts of Petersburg (OPS).

According to OPS, the court found guilty under articles «fraud» and «illegal banking activities» of members of an organized group: Alexey Varicheva, Nikolay Frolenko, Vadim Georgian, Seeds Kuzmin, Pavel Galickogo, Ruslan Akhmetshina, Andrew Sadofeva, Andrei Sokolov, Roman Fartukov, Dmitry Cheseny.

The court found that from August 2013 to July 2016 defendants provided services for the withdrawal from the tax account and withdrawal of cash by charging for services rendered a Commission from the amount received to the accounts controlled by criminal organizations.

«So, was received from customer non-cash funds in a total amount of 21 546 927 232 rubles. Further committed illegal banking operation and the transfer of funds to customers in the form of cash», — stated in the message.

All of the defendants, admitting guilt, has compensated the damage, says OPS.

The court sentenced Varicheva and Kuzmina to 5 years probation with a fine of 2 million rubles, Georgian and Galickogo — to 4 years probation with a fine of 500 and 400 thousand, respectively, frolenkova to 3 years probation with a fine of 400 thousand rubles. Sesena, Akhmetshin, falcons, Sadofev and Fartukov received a year of probation and a fine from 30 to 50 thousand rubles.