In Thailand, market explosion

CC BY 2.0 / Jeffrey Beall / Thai AmbulanceСкорая assistance in Thailand Archival photoIn Thailand, market explosionCC BY 2.0 / Jeffrey Beall / Thai.

The victims of the explosion at the market in Thailand, and about 20 were injured, the TV channel Thai PBS.

According to the channel, the explosion occurred at a market in Yala, the capital of the homonymous province on the border of Thailand and Malaysia on Monday morning. According to preliminary data, the improvised explosive device was hidden in a motorcycle parked at the tray of prepared food, which sold pork.

In the explosion 3 people were killed and at least 18 people were injured.

At the moment none of the combat Muslim separatist groups operating on the «far South» of Thailand, has claimed responsibility for the explosion.

The province of Yala, Pattani and Nevsehir, which is dominated by Muslim population, composed mainly of ethnic Malays in the past were included in a semi-independent Sultanate of Pattani, a buffer state between the Kingdom of Siam (now Thailand) and British Malaya (now Malaysia). In the early twentieth century, a series of British-Siamese treaties, the territory of the Sultanate was annexed by Siam, and is administratively divided into three provinces. Currently, the region is home to not only Muslims, but also the Thai people are Buddhist, at the same time, the region remains a major center of Islam in predominantly Buddhist Thailand. Separatist movements emerged in the «extreme South» of Thailand repeatedly. The current surge of activity of separatists, seeking broad autonomy or the secession of the region from Thailand, began in 2004. In 14 years of conflict in Yala, Pattani and Nevsehir in the explosions of homemade bombs and shootings killed more than 6.5 thousand people, mostly civilians.