Raul Castro nominated to the post of the Deputy of the Cuban Parliament

© AP Photo / Ladyrene PerezРауль Castro. Archival photoRaul Castro nominated to the post of the Deputy of the Cuban Parliament© AP Photo / Ladyrene Perez

The head of the state Council and the Council of Ministers of Cuba Raul Castro on Sunday was nominated for the deputies of the new convocation of the National Assembly of people’s power of the country (Parliament).

As the channel Telesur, the nomination was held on the results of voting in one of the municipalities of the province of Santiago de Cuba. For the candidacy of Castro voted unanimously all 79 delegates of the local authorities.

The data of the preliminary elections of candidates for deputies are held in accordance with the Cuban electoral system and precede the elections themselves, which will be held in March. The first meeting of new Parliament scheduled for April 19. Then the Assembly must approve the composition of the state Council, and the Council will choose its leader.

In December, 86-year-old Castro announced that in April of 2018 will leave its post. The head of the Cuban state he was in 2008, before Castro, Jr., two years was the acting head of the state Council of Cuba after the resignation of his older brother Fidel. Although in 2013 after re-election at the head of Cuba Raul Castro has declared that he will not nominate his candidacy in the elections in 2018.