The centre Pompidou will pay tribute to the artist nonconformist Yankylevsky

© Flickr / Arnaud AbadieЦентр Georges Pompidou in Paris. Archival photoThe centre Pompidou will pay tribute to the artist nonconformist Yankylevsky© Flickr / Arnaud Abadie

French Centre Pompidou will pay tribute to the memory of non-conformist artists Vladimir Yankilevsky, who died on 80-m to year of life in early January of this year, placing in their collections one or two of his works, reported RIA Novosti in the press service of the centre.

«After the death earlier this month of this very famous and respected artist, the Centre Pompidou has decided to honor his memory and to place one or two of his works in the collection of the State Museum of contemporary art,» — said the source RIA Novosti.

The Museum noted that «this is not an exhibition» Yankilevsky, but a commemorative event, which will be implemented in the coming weeks.

State Museum of contemporary art (Musée national d»Art moderne) is located in the centre Georges Pompidou and offers two floors.

Nonconformist artists Vladimir Yankilevsky died at 80 in early January in Paris.

The national centre for contemporary arts (NCCA) in Moscow on 13 February will host an exhibition of graphic works and photographs Yankylevsky. Also in 2018, the Moscow Museum of modern art planned a large-scale retrospective «Vladimir Yankilevsky. Existential box».